Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Workouts, and prayer.

Wow, that's a total random title eeh?

First workouts, Jon and I did day 2 of EA Active 2 tonight, and I really like it. It is a game for the Wii. Admittedly I was skeptical, but it is fun, and I do feel the burn. Its like a trainer right there, as the bands that are worn will tell you if your form is incorrect. I suggest checking it out, if you need a little push, and like variety..

Now, prayer... for those outside of Omaha, sadly there was a shooting at a local high school. I just heard on the news the Asst Principal passed away. I refuse to discuss the person at guilt in this, however I offer up prayers for the individual who passed. It made me think, just how quickly life can change. I thought about how I live, I am always so busy, so rushed and typically stressed. A friend of ours Cameron, posted on his blog, that he is no longer living for next month I'm living for the next five days. I really liked this comment, because its true. We should be living each day, as though it were our last. I encourage you all to live and love freely. Take down the walls which hold you back, and grow yourself, and step outside of the box.

Speaking of stepping outside of the box. I am pondering applying for a pretty significant promotion at work. It would be a Sales Manager position, which is where I ultimately want to be, and I love my employer.. however its in Hartford, CT. We LOVE our life here, it is great, we are both in jobs we love, love our home and its where we grew up.. but this is my career goal... so I am pondering if my career is worth losing out and missing things geographically. If it were just me, I would do it in a heartbeat, but clearly its not, Jon has a job he loves, and we have 15 weddings next year (that could get spendy) flying home!! Oy, so whats a Catholic girl going to do? Pray about it.

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