Monday, January 10, 2011


We live in Nebraska... and we do not own a snow-blower. Gasp, I know.

The past few years, we did not buy because we were working really, I mean really hard to become debt free (well other than the house and a car loan). This year, we've been pretty lucky and today was the first measurable snowfall. Jon drove my car, since I took a vacation day due to the snow. He called shortly after leaving telling me its a good thing he drove my SUV, otherwise he'd probably be stuck and high centered on our street. Anyways -- I said if you can go buy a snow blower. He was quiet... then he asked, where are we going to put it?

I wanted to say, um a garage. :) Then I too thought about it -- we are neat freaks. However we have a BIG garage. It fits both cars, plus we have a nice area for other items. A snow-blower would be an eye sore in the summer, but you know what -- I DONT CARE.

Really, we are the one and only house w/o a snow-blower on our street. I felt like a retard shoveling the old fashioned way (but didn't mind for the calories I was burning) till our awesome (not just because he helped - they are REALLY awesome)_neighbor snow blowed the drive. Not kidding it takes like 5 min. He has a 37" snow blower.. it goes quick.

Anyways - so keep your fingers crossed that Mr. Sally breaks down and buys a snow-blower before I do. :)

On the domestic front, I purged 4 trash bags full of clothes, shoes, purses and so on! It feels so good. My closet looks fab, and I hope the clothes and items are enjoyed and help someone else! Last on my list is our laundry room, which should go pretty quick! What on earth will I do with myself until wedding season!??! Haha, work out and get crafty! :P

Happy Monday!


  1. We also don't own a snowblower! BUT it took my neighbor with a snowblower the same amount of time to blow her driveway as it took me to shovel! Yay! :)

  2. Oh no kidding! You must be a power shoveler! :)