Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The downsides of being a planner...

I plan everything. I have always had my "to-do" lists, lofty goals and time lines of when I planned to achieve things.

However, some things you just cant plan and have happen exactly as you want. I have been blessed to achieve the goals I have set, and control my life and surroundings.. So, I am faced with the fear of a speed-bump in my plans and time lines.

So, here is to hoping that cruise control takes over.

Try Something NEW Tuesday... video games.

So, lets just say I am not a "gamer" by any means.

Now, before you go thinking it was a bad experience, it wasnt. It was a fun 1/2 hour with the hubs, once I figured out what I was doing. Keep in mind I havent played a true video game since Nintendo days, ya know the little grey box! :) We have a Wii, XBox360, but I never have had an interest in them. I do like Wii sports, but that IMO is different. :) I will probably start playing Donkey Kong with the hubs once a week, I think he'd like that :)

So --- try something new, you might just have a good time!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Excellence Playa Mujeres - REVIEW / Pictures!

I know... I am way over due on this.

Jon and I stayed at Excellence Playa Mujeres (EPM) Nov 28-December 2nd 2010. It was AMAZING.

We booked through Enchanted Honeymoons This was our 2nd trip with them, the first being our Honeymoon in 2006.

We booked the standard Junior suite - which was well appointed.

This is the view looking from the Jacuzzi

The room was very spacious and included a "living area" with an L shaped couch, coffee table, and a side table and chairs. There was also a long desk area, and each side of the bed had a night stand. I loved the LED night lights.

Here is the room after the nightly turndown service.

The bed was very comfortable!

The bathroom/shower were a.m.a.z.i.n.g!
Here is the view from INSIDE the shower

Not that you could really hear anything but you could see. :)
The shower had a rainfall, and then a normal head, it was HUGE. Plus a bench seat.

Here is the "bathroom"

It was an open concept, it was fine for us, but if you are a person who wants a lot of privacy probably not ideal. The restroom was also open air with a glass door.

The Jacuzzi was a nice touch, I think we used it most days, since the pools were so darn cold (more on that later).

The balcony however, was hands down my favorite part. We enjoyed daily naps out on the balcony, and it was wonderful the COLD and RAINY day. No joke, we were in Mexico, and I had a big huge blanket and slept on the bed out there. It was heaven though.

Here is the view from room 6304 (4th floor view):

Now outside of the room...

The resort is breathtakingly beautiful. Staff was all very friendly and are certainly appreciative of tips, however do not expect them. Food was amazing, our favorite restaurant was Chez Isabel. It was a French theme, I ordered the Chateaubriand, YUM. I loved ordering room service for breakfast and enjoying it out on the balcony.

Drinks were good, of course I enjoyed many a Miami Vice's and got hooked on Mojito's... my favorite was the Kafe Cafe, a coffee cocktail. Mmmm.

The entertainment was great. The Michael (Meekal as the Hispanics pronounced it!) Jackson was our favorite. Everyone was really into it. There was actally a girl who was sooo into it, you'd have really thought MJ was there. She RAN to the stage when they offered a photo with the performers, she was the first one on stage, and the last haha.

This is what the entertainment area looked like:

Simply stunning. Yet stunningly COLD. I was actually very disappointed in the pool temperature. In fact, we used the lagoon ONCE. We did the main pool twice but even at that it was still very chilly. The pools were desolate the entire trip.

Around the pools the chairs were very nice, cushy wood chairs. Out around the beach and in the water (low level areas) there were the traditional mesh plastic. I loved the beds!

Speaking of beaches...
The beach had a lot of seaweed. It made swimming a non option.


I treated myself to a 50 minute deep tissue massage. It was heavenly. Before however I enjoyed the complimentary hydrotherapy. It was AWESOME. The different stations ranging from sauna, pressure water, the rumble bed to getting wiped down in ice chips (PS it was GREAT).

The entry to the Spa, its like an island :) Surrounded by the lazy river.

Inside the Spa

Here is the Hydrotherapy area!

All in all, EPM is a GREAT place to vacation. We spent most of our time there, with the exception of a full day trip to Chichen Itza. I will be returning to EPM, however NOT in the winter! While the beach was somewhat of a disappointment, I don't believe its always like that. If you are looking for a luxurious adults only get away in Mexico, do yourself a favor and check out EPM. I am so glad I saw a friends HM photos on facebook and fell in love with the resort! A client of ours also Honeymooned there a few weeks before us and had a great experience as well!

I would rate EPM an A, it would be A++ had the pools not been so frigid!

Here are a few last photos some of my favs from the trip!

This was on the 9 yr anniversary from when we started dating on 12.1.01, with our wedding rings!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday (a day late!)

Slacker Radio.

How I love you. I just downloaded the app for Slacker Radio on my Evo Droid last night, and its amazing. I had previously been using Pandora but kept getting the SAME songs recently. Lets face it, I can only take "G6" so many times in one day. :)

So, if you havent downloaded this app yet, do yourself a favor and go ahead and download it, plus its FREE! :) If you have blue tooth (depending on your car/phone) you can stream it through your speakers when in the car. In my Touareg, I dont but I have an FM transmitter I can with - its great. Jons car has bluetooth so it makes it nice and easy!

Well happy Wednesday! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Slump | Vacation | Prayer

I've been in a slump. Dare I say.. depressed?

Last week was TOUGH at work. I am used to excelling, and things just were not going my way, and yeah... I dont like when things dont exactly.. "go my way." Oh and if you were picturing a hormonal 16 year old stomping off.. there wasnt any of that here. :)

So with work, I was working in a small town, with no support. The office was in a FREEZING cold basement. I dressed accordingly and was still cold. The staff all left at noon, its nice to work solo, but kinda buzz kill when you're freezing and not successful. The week was not fruitful in sales, I sold about 2k, I normally sell 6-7k. Im commission based, get the depression. :)

Around the personal life, I am missing vacation. I have come to realize I NEED something to look forward to, work towards and dream about. So I mentioned planning our 5th anniversary, and told the hubs I would call the travel agent to get the ball rolling. Later that day, I got the prices, resorts and so on. I was reading reviews.. and he was just "oh ok" which really bothered me. I sometimes feel that he doesnt take and interest, and knows I will do the leg work, and he just has to show up and enjoy. Well, I am sick of it. I blew up about it over the weekend, Saturday night to be exact. I told him how I felt, he acknowledged and agreed where I was coming from. Shockingly Sunday he looked at some resorts for a bit and said "Wow, this is hard there is a lot to read and figure out."

Now... before you go thinking were wackos who read a million reviews (okay so maybe we do!?) We just returned 6 weeks ago from an AMAZING trip to Excellence Playa Mujares. It was AMAZING. The rooms were fantastic, entertainment wonderful, drinks yummy and food delish! It was a top of the line resort. I want another top of the line, with lavish accommodations again! So were looking at a few places, but Secrets Maroma Beach is leading the way. Were planning on 8 days and 7 nights, returning just in time for our annual 4th of July bash. :) Are we crazy to go out of the country, and have a party with 25 people THE DAY AFTER WE GET BACK, quite possibly! :)

So, now that I am working towards something to look forward to, I also have a few other trips, next month 2 weeks in Dallas, I will be working with my co-worker, and I will have the chance to visit with one of my good girlfriends (Sheila!). April will be our Sales Conf in Milwaukee, WI - its so nice to recharge and catch up and learn from my co-workers, and May -- AZ! Yeah baby! I will spend 2 weeks there, I get to see Amanda, Janelle, Louisa and Risa! I am so excited! I will also be team selling. Then, June/July the 5th Anniversary trip! Wooo!

If you are wondering how I made today better? Saturday night, at mass the priests homily talked about daily prayer and how it is important. I couldn't agree more. I really do have a "better" day. Not that God is granting me special graces, but it puts ME in a better place, spiritually. This morning, on my way to work I listened to some of the Rosary and the Morning Prayer from Fr. Lewis (btw great "younger" priest here in town) It was a good way to start my day/week off and I am feeling better. So, I suggest, start your day off with a prayer and think positively. I sometimes forget, and I need not to.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My favorite things... beauty.

It's no secret I love make up and all things beauty.

My current fav (and probably a long term fav)... Too Faced Naked Eye. YOU NEED THIS PALATTE. The colors are fabulous.

The color combos are great. I can do something simple and muted, or more of a dark smoky eye. LOVE. They are also back in stock (they had sold out!). BUY THIS. I promise you'll love. I

Target makeup remover pads. I far prefer the Target brand over Neutrogena or similar. I like they are quilted. I use these to take make up off, then wash my face. I hate getting make up residue on towels so this helps!

Big Sexy Hair - All Nighter. Loveeee. This stuff is awesome. It's $17.95, but worth it. Just watch for the Ulta sales. Currently they have buy 2, get one free!

BED Head, I like their shampoo/conditioner. I bounce back and forth on Dumb Blonde and Superstar, and Self Absorbed. Ulta also has these on sale now, one rang up $7.95 and the other $9.95. Not bad!

Chanel bronzer/powder. I love chanel products, I also use their blush. Its a little spendier, but doesnt have that "weird" smell.

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer. The bomb diggity. I love this stuff!!! I was thrilled to find the "professional size" great deal! I use this on my lids and no creases and my eye make up stays put!

Rimington straightener. So my straightener recently died out on me (Christmas Eve to be exact)... My good friend Risa suggested this one! Great buy for the product.

Urban Decay Eye Liner. Goes on smooth, sharpens easilly. Stays well. Great!

Urban Decay De Slick. This is a new purchase. I had been using the all nighter setting spray, it was great. I tend to get oily in the t-zone, so I figured I'd give De Slick a try, since its supposed to help with oil!

Urban Decay Mascara... not flaky! Makes me happy!

Mac Foundation, stays well, not cakey! Budget friendly!

Coach Poppy Perfume! I just got this around Christmas. I like the fresh scent, but cute too.

As you can see, I am an Urban Decay Fan. What are some of your favorites?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday: Heated Blanket!

I've been wanting to get a Heated Blanket for a while. Well I broke down and got one the other day, and HEAVEN. As I am blogging, its freeeeezing outside, I am enjoying being nice and warm and cozy!

If you do not have one already - BUY ONE!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 10, 2011


We live in Nebraska... and we do not own a snow-blower. Gasp, I know.

The past few years, we did not buy because we were working really, I mean really hard to become debt free (well other than the house and a car loan). This year, we've been pretty lucky and today was the first measurable snowfall. Jon drove my car, since I took a vacation day due to the snow. He called shortly after leaving telling me its a good thing he drove my SUV, otherwise he'd probably be stuck and high centered on our street. Anyways -- I said if you can go buy a snow blower. He was quiet... then he asked, where are we going to put it?

I wanted to say, um a garage. :) Then I too thought about it -- we are neat freaks. However we have a BIG garage. It fits both cars, plus we have a nice area for other items. A snow-blower would be an eye sore in the summer, but you know what -- I DONT CARE.

Really, we are the one and only house w/o a snow-blower on our street. I felt like a retard shoveling the old fashioned way (but didn't mind for the calories I was burning) till our awesome (not just because he helped - they are REALLY awesome)_neighbor snow blowed the drive. Not kidding it takes like 5 min. He has a 37" snow blower.. it goes quick.

Anyways - so keep your fingers crossed that Mr. Sally breaks down and buys a snow-blower before I do. :)

On the domestic front, I purged 4 trash bags full of clothes, shoes, purses and so on! It feels so good. My closet looks fab, and I hope the clothes and items are enjoyed and help someone else! Last on my list is our laundry room, which should go pretty quick! What on earth will I do with myself until wedding season!??! Haha, work out and get crafty! :P

Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whew! Busy and quite productive!

This was a great weekend! While the hubs had his wisdom teeth removed, it was very productive. :)

Friday night I got my grocery shopping out of the way, and have everything thru next Sunday night. Woo!

Yesterday was spent getting organized. I spent 12 hours organizing our entire basement. Our basement has 2 storage rooms, which I organized both, a 16ft wall of cabinets (mainly gaming stuff, entertaining items, and other small items). I also tackled Jons tools. What a job... lastly our office. I havent been so good with keeping papers organized since full blown wedding season.. so yesterday I went thru the safe, organized papers... shreded what we no longer needed. I also got everything photog related organized. I organized our props, gear and reciepts! It is so nice to have everything together! :)

Now, the last to organize will be the closet, and our laundry room. Next weekend!

When I organize, I find I am most productive with piles... keep, donate and a big trash bag! Typically, if I havent used something within a year, it goes. I feel so good after purging old items!

I also feel great when I knock out a wedding! Just finished the NYE wedding today! Its going to be another busy year, we currently have 18 signed wedding contracts for 2011. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend, and have a super week -- weve got quite the winter weather brewing here in Omaha. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion: Louis Vuitton Speedy 35.

I have a new love in my life. Her name is Louie. She is a 2011, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. :)

I LOVE her.

So, the bag FINALLY arrived after a plethora of problems with LV (Including me calling because I knew the order wasnt being processed as speedily as it should have, and the woman telling me it was processed and shipping that day - INCORRECT). Anyways it arrived on Wednesday, and I have now carried it for two days.

First, this is the nicest handbag I have ever carried. Also the spendiest, but well worth the expense, wait and issues. I really love it and it is comfortable to carry.

Yesterday, as I was leaving work, one of the teachers in the Catholic school I was working in, stopped me and said "I love your bag." It was my first compliment and I immediately said thank you, and she shared a love for couture as well so we talked shop for a few minutes. Another gal was standing with us, and I almost felt bad, that I was carrying a $715 purse. Then we somehow got on the topic of groceries and I told them about my couponing and how frugal I am and how I recently became debt free. She (the older other gal) said "Thats how you can afford that bag!" (In a nice genuine comment).

She was right, I work hard. I make sound financial decisions, and I havent purchased a handbag in NEARLY three years (gasp I know!) I've been visiting the closet (which did already have some nice handbags). :)

So -- to the bag. The Speedy 35, is the largest Speedy and I hoped I liked the size. The 30, which I saw in San Francisco this past May, I just didn't like the size in proportion to me. The 35 was a little large, but now in retrospect, I love it. :) I am old skool and I keep a paper planner (even though I have an EVO - android-) my coupons (ha in an LV and no longer in my car or home office, and lipstick hand lotion ect. I also have my wallet. I have plenty of room left but its not too big. I think you need to choose the bag in proportion to your body, just my two cents. :)

Oh, I am planning to do a make up "tutorial" I received the nicest emails from one of my fav secretaries from work, wanting me to teach her how I do my eyeshadow with my UD Naked Palette. So -- that should be coming in the next few days. Any other requests?!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let's talk laundry, and how to do your laundry "green"

So, its no secret, I like all things clean. :) I also like to do things as green as possible. I clean with vinegar and water. I use basic h. I used to make my own laundry detergent, but now I do not have to, I use THE WONDERBALL.


Wonder Ball, its a ball which I put in my washer, and I use COLD water. I had been using Hot/Warm till I realized recently I can just use cold and it accomplishes the same. Anyways, the THE WONDERBALL. works through physics (something I know nothing of). However.. the frequency enhanced mineral blend within the ball creates an energy field when agitated in the machine. When the energy meets the water, the water is in its best cleaning state, and does the cleaning. NO DETERGENT IS NEEDED!

Yes. You read that correct, I do not use laundry detergent. My clothes DO NOT stink, and they are soft. Oh speaking of soft, I do not use fabric softener either.

Whats it look like? See this picture...

Now, lets just say when I first heard of these I was like what... that's weird. But I AM A BELIEVER. Last April, my mom bidded on a green living basket at a local silent auction. Inside were several green items, one being the Wonder Ball. She kept raving about them and how her sheets were sooooo soft and how she could see the items pulling gunk out of them and washing. Then she brought the set over for me use on my laundry. I was impressed. I got a set for myself and never looked back. Recently my mom became a distributor for THE WONDERBALL. , so if you are interested, I suggest getting in touch with her.

All in all, I love that I am not using up 4-5 Era containers every month, and I am saving mega bucks!

So --- what are some of your favorite GREEN items? PLEASE share!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Workouts, and prayer.

Wow, that's a total random title eeh?

First workouts, Jon and I did day 2 of EA Active 2 tonight, and I really like it. It is a game for the Wii. Admittedly I was skeptical, but it is fun, and I do feel the burn. Its like a trainer right there, as the bands that are worn will tell you if your form is incorrect. I suggest checking it out, if you need a little push, and like variety..

Now, prayer... for those outside of Omaha, sadly there was a shooting at a local high school. I just heard on the news the Asst Principal passed away. I refuse to discuss the person at guilt in this, however I offer up prayers for the individual who passed. It made me think, just how quickly life can change. I thought about how I live, I am always so busy, so rushed and typically stressed. A friend of ours Cameron, posted on his blog, that he is no longer living for next month I'm living for the next five days. I really liked this comment, because its true. We should be living each day, as though it were our last. I encourage you all to live and love freely. Take down the walls which hold you back, and grow yourself, and step outside of the box.

Speaking of stepping outside of the box. I am pondering applying for a pretty significant promotion at work. It would be a Sales Manager position, which is where I ultimately want to be, and I love my employer.. however its in Hartford, CT. We LOVE our life here, it is great, we are both in jobs we love, love our home and its where we grew up.. but this is my career goal... so I am pondering if my career is worth losing out and missing things geographically. If it were just me, I would do it in a heartbeat, but clearly its not, Jon has a job he loves, and we have 15 weddings next year (that could get spendy) flying home!! Oy, so whats a Catholic girl going to do? Pray about it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Depending on others... achieving perfection..?

Work --- Here we go again, Oy.

Some days, I wish deeply that I had a 9-5 job, that I didnt have to rely on others. It annoys the living hell out of me. :)This morning, started out great. I was having a great hair day, I felt okay about how I looked (since I have been a desperate housewife -- uhhh not in a pretty way) lately. Then it went down hill the minute my work day started, they forgot I was coming, and boy did the secretary treat me like it (as if it was my fault).

Second depending on other hate. Louis Vuitton.

I knew the order was not being processed or that something was wrong, it was just taking way too long. Last week, a supervisor assured me it would be shipped that day, and that I would have it on Friday... nothing. I waited paitently and when Monday came (without a shipping notification) I knew it was screwed up, and I was annoyed at this point. So I called, and the supervisor was very apologetic.. yah yeah, you screwed up. So long (good) story short, it is being delivered to Jons work "by 10:30" tomorrow morning. Ugh. Moral of this, I hate depending on others to do the job correctly (or see its done correctly).

Where am I going with this??? I hate relying on others, and I do like to do things on my own... and I am a perfectionst (not to a bad extreme though).

Ok since this is a "domesitc blog" I was not domestic today! Hah! We had leftovers from last nights dinner before heading out to the Creighton basketball game, and just got home. :) On a domestic note, I did find a cute 4 leaf clover cookie cut out. I am excited to make some St. Patrick's day cookies! Speaking of, I will share my killer awesome sugar cookie recipe tomorrow!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday!

Okay, I am pumped about this (my first!) Try Something New Tuesday Post!

Jon and I decided to give E-Mealz a try.

Let's just say, so far so good. As some may know, Jon and I did Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University in 2009. It was great for us, just what we needed to put our money where it NEEDED to be. To date, we have paid off over $30k in debt, finished our basement (IN CASH) and paid for two vacations in 2010 (we sacrificed and did not vacation in 2009).

Anyways, Jon found E-Meals through Dave Ramsay a week or so ago, he mentioned it and we thought about it, and Sunday we took the plunge. I was REALLY hoping it would be cool (so I could blog about it here -duh!!) and thankfully I am very happy.

So, here is how it works. For $1.25 a week ($15 billed every 3 months) I get a meal plan, which I can choose Low Fat, Points Plan, Low carb and so on. You can also pick how many people, since its just two of us, we obviously picked 2 people plan, low fat Wal-Mart plan! They say you should expect to spend $35-$45 a week at the store. This week, my meal purchases were only around $14, because we had many items on hand (ground beef, chicken, corn and so forth)however the projected expense was $40 and change.

Last night I made a Cheeseburger Soup - it was pretty good. We had another serving so I had it for lunch today. Tonight was a Mexican Pasta. We will also have an entire serving for each of our lunches tomorrow! Holler!

Anyways, for us trying something new - is proving to be a good thing. I would spend way to much time cruising websites looking for meals, making a grocery list and so on. This is well worth it, and the grocery list is so helpful (to me!) Everyone always talks about how meal planning is the way to save money, well I think this may hit the Jack Pot in the Sally Domestic household.

Check it out - see if its right for you, and your family!


Working Wagon

Tore up, from the floor up. :) Thats me the past few days. I have not left the house since Friday night (NYE) ((other than a quick trip to Wal-Mart) yesterday. While its been a welcome hibernation, I am ready to get back on the working wagon.

I have been working from home since December 17th! I love my job, dont get me wrong but I do miss the "office environment" at times. Now, for those who dont know I sell advertising on church bulletins, and I am somewhere different every week. Of course today, the church I am at this week was still closed for the holiday -- so working from home it was. :)

I will however miss my office assistants from home (Lola and Lucy!) they are great feet warmers. I will also miss being able to sleep in later since I dont always need to leave and meet with clients, or commute. :) However it will be nice to get back in to the working world and put on my heels :)

Hope you are all off to a good start of 2011.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Challenge...

So, in my reader this morning I saw that The Chic Life has Eat in Month 2011 Challenge. I have been thinking (Yes I think a lot) we should do something like this, but I needed a challenge (What I am in sales - and competitive~) to get me in gear. Well... this is it. :)

I am pretty excited for my Try Something New Tuesday post. I think anyone could benefit from it and it will be great for me to get on this track!

So, if you are like Mr. Sally and I, we eat out way too frequently. Not always the best options as well. While I will miss my weekly Panera lunches, my bank account will not. :) So, check out The Chic Life for more details... but its pretty simple, don't eat out! :)

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year! :)

This has been a busy 3 day weekend for us! Last night we shot a wedding ceremony. It was a nice ceremony, in a gorgeous church. I always get stoaked when its a pretty venue, with cool touches. You can check out pictures by clicking HERE.

Last night, after the wedding we rang in NYE with our friends the McCabe's. It was a nice, fun yet low-key evening. We didnt get drunk, however I think my first drink was 75% Captain Morgan 25% Diet Coke ;) I ended up splitting it into a few drinks :) Tyler & Amy made a dinner too!

Today I organized the heck out of my bathroom, going thru my drawers, getting rid of old items and general cleaning. Speaking of cleaning -- Ive been meaning to for quite some time.... drumroll... my makeup brushes. This is something I have been slacking on for a while. :) I also went thru the spare bedroom closet, (now if I could only get rid of my wedding gown). Here is the thing, I love my dress but I am not attached to it, like some people are. Its more of a nuisance because it takes up so much space. Now, here is the hang up, I just dont want to "give it away". (Hence why it hasnt been donated to Mary Magdalene Project). So... I may just list it on Craigslist again) I did a few years back, without success -- ughhh clearly! :)
I also got out linen closet organized and utilized some new totes I bought for storage of seasonal hand towels, and wash cloths - these always seemed to topple over and make a mess previously.

A little more on the domestic front -- haha... :) We ordered a blower for our fireplace. Since its so darn chilly here in good old Nebraska, the fireplace is handly! We use it but it can be spendy (the gas) so the blower will help circlate the heat, so our furnace wont need to work as hard. Holla for this little honey-do project. Expect pictures to come, and I am sure Mr. Sally wont be thrilled -- well tough luck. :-)

Lastly - I am slightly irritated with Louis Vuitton. The hubster bought me a Neverful MM for Christmas, it was HUGGGGGGE, it looked like a diaper bag. Anyways, I returned it, since the Speedy 35 I wanted was out of stock. I looked the next day and it was back in, so we purchased the second bag. No big deal right, wrong.

Well, the customer service person I spoke with the day after he gave it to me (before Christmas) told me they would re-send the future purchase (when in stock) with the same shipping we had on the original order. That was overnight, which he paid $35 and it took 3 days... then on the 2nd purchase the girl said they would "check if they could" and I had to remind her she told me it wouldn't be a problem, lets just say my persistence is a good strength...okay anyways... :) Fast forward, we ordered bag 2 last Monday, and I was expecting a similar turn around. We have yet to receive the shipping info, which was weird. So I called, and was told my bag "should" be here Friday (as in yesterday). NOTHING still no delivery info either. I am annoyed. I pondered calling them today, but really what good is it going to do, not like I can sit home all week and wait for a package (since someone must sign for it). Ugggggh. Good thing I will love the bag, and I have been lusting over it for a very, very long time.

Well, tomorrow is going to be full of church, budgeting and probably some further organizing - i plan to tackle the basement storage rooms. :)