Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Depending on others... achieving perfection..?

Work --- Here we go again, Oy.

Some days, I wish deeply that I had a 9-5 job, that I didnt have to rely on others. It annoys the living hell out of me. :)This morning, started out great. I was having a great hair day, I felt okay about how I looked (since I have been a desperate housewife -- uhhh not in a pretty way) lately. Then it went down hill the minute my work day started, they forgot I was coming, and boy did the secretary treat me like it (as if it was my fault).

Second depending on other hate. Louis Vuitton.

I knew the order was not being processed or that something was wrong, it was just taking way too long. Last week, a supervisor assured me it would be shipped that day, and that I would have it on Friday... nothing. I waited paitently and when Monday came (without a shipping notification) I knew it was screwed up, and I was annoyed at this point. So I called, and the supervisor was very apologetic.. yah yeah, you screwed up. So long (good) story short, it is being delivered to Jons work "by 10:30" tomorrow morning. Ugh. Moral of this, I hate depending on others to do the job correctly (or see its done correctly).

Where am I going with this??? I hate relying on others, and I do like to do things on my own... and I am a perfectionst (not to a bad extreme though).

Ok since this is a "domesitc blog" I was not domestic today! Hah! We had leftovers from last nights dinner before heading out to the Creighton basketball game, and just got home. :) On a domestic note, I did find a cute 4 leaf clover cookie cut out. I am excited to make some St. Patrick's day cookies! Speaking of, I will share my killer awesome sugar cookie recipe tomorrow!

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