Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick and Domestic!

So, as the year comes to a close I have been working on organizing. I started with a quick 38 minute (yes I did time it!) project. :)

Meet our entry closet. I found 6 of my dear husbands sweatshirts, hung in there along with out coats. There was also a mix of photography junk (old gear, lens wipes and so on). We also had our mops, steam cleaner, brooms and cleaning items irradically placed. So... here is what I started with.



Really this was a SIMPLE clean up. I also purchased some wall ancors for the broom, mop and stuff to hang. I also got a tote for the Dyson attachments which were previously just stuffed on the top rack:) It was just a matter of doing it. But it got the ball rolling. Yesterday, I went thru my office. It was a papered mess. Not really a mess, quite clean but I went thru an entire drawer which I was able to purge! Recycle Bank Points, ummhmm! I also picked up a new organizer for my bathroom drawer, and thats on the agenda for the weekend. Its going to be an organizing weekend in the Sally Domestic household this weekend.

Before that fun can begin however, Jon and I are shooting our final wedding for 2010. For those of you following, feel free to also follow us on our blog, and become a fan on facebook!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ok, bouncing back to yesterdays post...

Did you meet your resolutions for 2010?

I did, not as greatly as I wanted but I did it. :) What was my goal? To loose weight. If you dont recall, I looked like this (Ick!)week one of starting FAST.

Here I am today (eeer ok Dec 3rd! -- our last day in Mexico!)

I got to thinking about things I want to incorporate into the new year, one being...

Try something new Tuesday.

What's that? Well I was thinking, a new recipe, new workout, new product, a new method of cleaning or crafty project of some sort. Of course I might even surprise you all with something new!

In the spirit of Tuesday, I am going to try something new... recipe wise. I have some rice I need to make up, I am thawing chicken, and have some cheese. So a cheesy rice casserole it is tonight. :)

So, what are your resolutions, and why do you want to accomplish them? I am a firm believer you need to have a reason behind a resolution. We can ALL say, exercise more, so I am healthier. Well... how about, exercise more so I can run a 5k for example. Put a little more behind your resolutions so they stick. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking back..

As I am looking back at 2010, I just say wow. Call me cheesy but I am proud of us. Us, as in Jon and I. :)

We had a VERY successful year, here is a quick recap.

I lost 50 pounds (ok I got a little lax after October..)
We took 2 fabulous vacations, San Francisco in May - Mexico in November.
We shot 21 weddings for awesome clients (on top of many family, senior, engagement and newborn sessions.
We paid off a TON of debt, I predict we will be debt free within 3-4 months (HoLLa!).
We made great decisions to make a secure future. :)

Now... I predict that 2011 is going to be equally as awesome.

I want to:
Loose another 50=75 lb, hopefully by July. This is going to take serious work, and I am ready.
Be more crafty.
Take a few more vacations (including one last hurrah - 5th anniversary) before kids!
Yep - you read that right, KIDS. I can not wait to have kids.

That brings me to a point... Its always bothered me when people ask "When will you have kids, I say... "When I can afford them." I get that side eye, with "You'll never be able to." Well -- youre wrong. We have put ourselves in a pretty good place, so not only will we be able to have kids and afford them, we can live comfortably, as in - feel like taking a family vacation... we can, we can buy toys / baby gear with out being strapped. Now, this is not a point of bragging that we have money, because its not coming out of our ears or growing on trees, but we have made the decision to wait and do it smart. I encourage anyone similiar minded to do the same, and do it when it is right for you. Sadly for us, we need to wait for wedding season to be over in 2011. :) I can not in good concious shoot a wedding after 5 months :) Speaking of weddings, we are thrilled to be shooting Jons cousins wedding in 2012, in PA! Roadtrip! :)

Ok, back to the goals... I also want to be more consistent in being organized. I am, but when life gets chaotic I get lazy.. things get thrown.

I also want to be a better wife. I am so very blessed with a great husband. Not saying I am a bad wife I just know I can improve!

Well --- this is getting a little lengthy - so until next time.

PS - this blog was previously "my healthy mission" its changed a bit to encompass my goals for 2011.. hope you enjoy! <3

Monday, July 12, 2010

Greetings from...

I am in sunny "hot" Texas. All the locals keep going on about how HOT and HUMID it is, but honestly... it's not bad.

This week I am in Waco. Its definitely a "relax after work week". I am staying right around Baylor. Its not that exciting of a city. They do however have the Dr. Pepper museum ( I like DP ) but... it closes at like 4:15... so that will have to wait ;) My hotel is sub-par. I was excited to get some swimming in, but the pools out of service. I hit up the gym, and let me tell ya -- 1982 called and they would like their equipment back. :/

This weekend, I will be in San Antonio, staying at the Riverwalk. I am looking forward to enjoying the area and checking it all out! Any must see's while I am there??

Then, Sunday I will head up to Seguin TX and will be staying at the Mosheim Mansion it has fab reviews and seems like a nice "home away from home".

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Funky Funk.

I've been in a funk lately.

Bored (Ha like I dont have enough to do), annoyed, and stressed.

I think that it has a lot to do with my work schedule, and eating. I have been on vacation/working from home since June 25th (and that week before was a HELL week at work). When I am not on a normal schedule I am finding myself snacking.

I am super annoyed because Jon was supposed to come to San Antonio with me for the weekend, but his co-worker resigned so he has to pick up the slack. So... no vacation for him. *For the record I am not mad at Jon, just the situation!* I will be in Texas the 11-22nd for work. The first week I am in Waco, through Thursday - then I will be in San Antonio Thursday night-Sunday followed by Seguin Mon-Thursday. San Antonio has been on my vacation spot list for awhile. So I am looking forward to it.

Photography has been crazy busy, tonight I have a senior portrait session, I hope the rain holds out. We are up to 18 weddings for 2010, and I have had to turn down a few 2011 brides due to being booked on dates already. It seems like our life consists of: work, home, edit, email/pr stuff, sleep. That said, we are so blessed our business has taken off so quickly (and well!).

Lola and Lucy are cute as ever, they are currently napping and will be in for a HUGE surprise when I leave for 11 days, after being home for so long.

Weight loss, I am down 46lb (I lost 2 last week), again Ive kinda been in a funk - but nothing I cant overcome.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jessi's favorite products!

So, I have been planning to do this post for a LONG time. :)

Here are some of my fav beauty products.

Moroccan Oil Gold Glimmer Shine Spray Protects hair from damaging effects of UV light and free radicals. An effective product that provides long-lasting, unparalleled shine.
*I like this, I dont use it every day, but its nice when I need a little shine!

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation. This is a new fav of mine, I tend to have oily skin. I like it, since its not heavy or cakey. Nice coverage and it lasts quite a while. Worth the $38.

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Stay All Nighter. I puffy pink heart this stuff. I actually really like all the BSH products! It stays well, even in windy conditions!

Big Sexy Hair What a Tease Backcomb in a Bottle. LOVE. If you like a little poof like me. This is your product. :) I LOVE Bed Head Superstar This is a new product I bought today. I had previously used Some like it Hot, and I was just soso. Not overly impressed.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner. Goes on smooth, stays lasts ALL day!

Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer This is another product that I go back and fourth on. I like it, I had for awhile not been a huge fan, and switched to Chanel's primer... then it made me feel so greasy. But, I am back and a fan! :)

Urban Decay Potion Primer I LOVE this, it is a MUST to me. I like to wear eye shadow, and I hate the eyelid creases, this avoids that!! So so Awesome. Just to give an example... I did a wedding in May, super humid out, hot.. put my make up on at 7am... at 10:30 when I was getting home, my eyeshadow is perfect! And... I had a camera to my face MOST of the day!

Big Fatty Mascara, I like, no clumping, no flakes!

Urban Decay Shadow, I really LOVE the variety of colors. Paired with the Primer.. and its marvelous~!

Clarisonic! Great, I do like this, because my skin feels great after using it. I was skeptical on the expense and it being worth it, and it sure was. :) Of course I had to get pink... On a side note, the cleansers you can buy with it - not impressed.

Speaking of Skin...Glymed Plus. I bought these at Faces (where I get my facials) and I have been using the scrub since Jan, and the cleanser since May. I do like it. I do still see breakouts in the old places, but not so many blackheads.

I hope that you might find this helpful on your next trip to Ulta or Sephora! :)

What an awesome weekend! :)

We (as always) over indulged in fireworks, and food... Here are some photos!

The show... was.. awesome. Here are a few of the fireworks!
Delicious goodies from Sugar Girl Cakes. Yum. Needless to say, the 5 pounds I gained over the weekend, def had something to do with this stuff..
One of the fountains!

My Awesome Jalepeno Poppers. The Jalepenos were a little spicey though. I kinda throw them together (Thanks Risa for the original recipe!) I use cream cheese, mix it with a few dashes of Old Bay Seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese, and fill the insides of the Jalepeno (remove seeds!). The topping is rice krispies. I bake at 350* for 30'ish min!

My dad, Aunt Cathy, and Uncle Robert! (Aunt Goodgie I think she is waving to you!!!)

Cathy and Robert

BJ & Katie

Lola and Lucy (and me!)

Jon the Pyro king.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I know...

Its been awhile. I am sure the 13 followers have been hanging on the edge of their seat in suspense. :0) ha...

Well, I have NOT fell off the healthy wagon. There have been some ugh weeks, like last week when I GAINED a pound. But hey... we will all encounter those sometime or another.

I am truely in the heat of my busy season for my business literally booked solid until OCTOBER baby! We are so blessed. Work (day job!) has also been keeping me busy. On top of that, doing my best to help out with my Grandpa. April 22nd we thought his days were numbered, and he's hanging in and being the spunky pistol we know. So moral of this story. I always used to say, I dont have time to be healthy. FOOLS you do. If I can do it, with working full time, and owning a business, and keeping busy with LIFE, anyone can. Its a matter of how important your health is, and its at the top of the list. If you arent healthy you cant enjoy the rest to follow. Now, I am not saying I am perfect, and that my calories are exact daily... and there have been some days I havent exercised (as I should) but I am not perfect. :) Hard to believe huh. ;) Wink Wink.

Now - since January I have lost 43.4 pounds, I need to kick it into high gear, and devote more time to working out. :)

On other news, my garden, which will provide LOTS of veggies is looking STELLAR!

I am quite proud of it. :)

We've been busy working hard on the house, making it look pretty! Im pretty pumped, we are going to tear out our crappy concrete patio, and bring the patio pavers over for a patio in unison. Jon's cousin BJ (who is a firefighter) used to do Landscaping and he is the person who helped us put the patio in (phase I). In August, we'll have it all complete!

So here is what were ripping out...

Oh... and before you think were doing this on estetics... were not. It looks like an earthquake came thru, obviously the builder didnt do it correctly.

The patio will look like this:

Lastly -- soon. By the 4th of July ;) (((since I have a week off of work and NOOOOOO PHOTOS!!!))) I will be posting a review of San Francisco. I also want to do a beauty review of products I use! :)

With that said... here are some pics from San Francisco to tide you over. :)

Jon and I at Pier 39 - I think this is right after he got his Salt Water Taffy. :)

Me, after Wine Tasting in Napa Valley for 8+ hours. PS... Sutter Home was my fav.. and its the most commercial - not what I was expecting. :)

You cant go to the Golden Gate Bridge (heck let alone San Fran) w/o a picture with the bridge behind you!

Lucky us, it POURED while we were there. This is right before it started the hour long torrential downpour.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm back... again!

Sorry for the lack of posts! :)

Its been a busy whirlwind few weeks. Works been busy, (per usual).

Vacation to San Francisco, was heavenly. I will be posting a review with pictures soon.

Photography is great, I am booked until September. :) 11 more weddings this year, so far. Of course we have several family sessions, and seniors this summer so it's going to be verrrry busy. :) I cant complain.

Work -- I have an interview for a promotion in the morning. I am looking forward to the opportounity. It would be in our marketing department, and I would be responsible for aquiring new church clients in the southwest. I'd start traveling a lot, so it would be an exciting new opportounity. Speaking of travel, I am taking an assignment in San Antonio for two weeks in mid July! San Antonio was one of our other vacation spots to check out! I think Jon is going to come down and spend the weekend with me, so that will be a nice mid-summer vacation.

Weightloss, I am now at 40 pounds down!!! Since January 21st. I am proud of myself in the lifestyle change. Clothes are all quite loose. Its a great thing, but Imshort on "fitting" clothes and I dont want to go spend a fortune on new stuff, that will soon be loose too!

Well, I had better get things ready for the week and work on some wedding pics!

Stay tuned for a San Fancisco review.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back again!

... big surprise... I have been slacking on my blogging.

I have been busy. Last week I traveled, keeping busy with photog stuff... went to a wedding last weekend. Here is a pic of the two of us!

On the weight loss front. Last week I had a 1 pound gain. However, I have rebounded well... and am now down 4 pounds. Yes I do cheat on the weigh in aspect, it motivates me sorry TD! Besides, Jon and I have a little competition going for whomever looses the most this week!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The new wisdom tooth diet...

Has already dropped me 2 pounds :) I havent really been eating. I did have two bowls of oatmeal before getting my wisdom teeth out yesterday, and a cheese enchilada (cut in a million little pieces last night) in celebration of my FIL's bday.

Speaking of wisdom teeth, it wasnt that bad. While I did look like a chipmunk, I successfuly had 4 teeth pulled and a cavity filled, without being put out, just novacaine here friends. The best part.. I learned that I obviously have FANTASTIC insurance! :) Holler for that, $114 bucks for everything.

Thankfully, I am doing pretty good. Although I am a bit scared to chew, and I am terrified to brush my teeth (yes I know its sick!) but I am scared!!!!! :)

Oh, how could I forget, I lost 5 pounds last week!!! HOLLA!

On the photog front, keeping busy. I just finished up last weekends wedding, the first I shot with the new camera. I Love LOVE LOVE it. Next Ashley's engagement pics!!! Its been pretty busy meeting clients for the upcoming spring weddings, I am going to start the winter weddings "rock the dress" shoots soon, I am stoaked for those!! :)

Well, thats all for now, have a fantastic week!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up!

Wheeeew! Friday is upon the horizon. :)

Jon started "new hours" this week. It makes things tough. He's working 9-7. God Bless him, hes a hard worker. It throws our "schedule" off though. By the time he gets home its 7:30, and were both hungry by this point, so we have dinner by 8, he relaxes and we get stuff done and it seems like its 9:45. The past few mornings getting up to work out has been hindered by two cute white furry (did I mention cuddly) dogs. :)

On a positive note, per the scale I am down, yay.

We leave for San Francisco in 4 weeks!! YAY I cant wait.

Work is great, I had a STELLAR week. Holler!

I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Saturday morning. My dentist can take them out, so hopefully were smooth sailing. : ) I have my green tea bags ready!!

Well I am going to get some stuff done, and get ready for a work out!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter is almost here! :)

Why am I so excited? Because I gave up facebook for Easter! :) Yes I was previously mildly addicted. :) It was great. You know the point of giving something up for lent is to give something that is hard to live without. It was, I totally feel disconnected, but it was so good for me. I think I gained a lot (obviously time). But I spent more time with other things. Blogging of course.. too! I learned that I will be able to just spend 30 min a day on there, if that. If I can live without it for 40+ days I can significantly reduce time on there. (Sorry Sarah~) :)

Now, on the health front. I gained two pounds this week. However, I AM ok with that. I could have gained more, had I not been smart in my decisions in CT. (Oh and I am not saying the Canolli was a smart decision). However I could have bought ten of them ;)

The weather has been heavenly. I had the windows open, which resulted in a dusty house. So I spent this morning cleaning. Lovely eeeh.

Speaking of cleaning, our housekeepers son is having a partial heart transplant on Tuesday. Please keep them in your prayers. She called me yesterday to let me know, and ask for prayers. Apparently their insurance is covering the transplant, but wont cover the rehab (seriously thats redic) but they are going to plan a fundraiser soon, so I'll post about that later. I can not immagine going through that. Heck, I am a teensy bit scared for getting my 4 wisdom teeth pulled next Saturday. Eeek. :)
My dentist said he can do them himself, so it will save a ton of money. Holler for that. $200'ish compared to $800 or more. Yeah. Oh and I am getting a cavity filled at the same time. God bless me. :)

Its the busy season for photography. I had a senior session yesterday, of course the 2 hrs we shot it rained. When we finished and I was heading home the sun came out. SERIOUS!? Ugh. Thankfully there is always the passageway, and awnings in the Old Market. Tonight we have a wedding at Legacy Hall. It's one of Jon's co-workers. Then we get a 2 week break and its a few back to back weekends of weddings.

THEN... VACATION!!!!!!!! We are heading to San Francisco Thursday the 6th of May thru Tuesday the 11th. We booked the airfare last night, so now its to determine lodging. Were trying to debate on staying in San Fran the entire time, or stay there Thurs-Sun nights, and Monday morning head to Napa (wine country) and then head back Tuesday and then fly out. Any suggestions?

So far on my to see list in San Fran:


Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square

China Town

Lombard Street, Cable Cars, Golden Gate Bridge!

There is so much to see and do! I am excited, its been a while since we've been on vacation, so it will be nice to get away!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A day trip in CT...

So... Connecticut is boring.

I started the day bright and early, with a 5am workout, when I finished working out @ midnight for my Saturday workout. Risa and I started the day with coffee and breakfast around 8:45 at Dunkin Donuts.

I started with a "Lite Latte" pretty good and only 80 calories. I'd suggest it if you want a coffee and dont want to kill your calories for the day. I also had a Egg and cheese "wrap" it was good too, and 180 calories!

After we headed south towards the coast.. however we were quickly diverted when looking for a shopping center (which turned out to be more like a Bed Bath and Beyond)... :( HOWEVER... we stumble upon an amazing slize of heaven. Chimirris Pastry Shop

Seriously this place was your true authentic Itallian place. OMG. I got a Ricotta Cannoli. WOW.... I was soooo tempted to stop on the way back ;)

I also got a lace cookie and almond biscotti, however I havent tried them yet. :) This place also ships anywhere in the US. Hmm... weekly cookie orders for churches... I WISH :)

Now... after this we drove.. and drove.. while taking pictures :)

Ok... now we finally made it to something remotely exciting!!!!

THE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

a href="">

After the beach we went to the Clinton outlets for some retail therapy.

So... after this its about 2 and were getting hungry. Sounds easy enough to get food. right? NO. Everything was closed or totally sketchy. So about 3:30 we found lunch at this hole in the wall Second Pouquonck Grinder (aka sandwich shop!).

I would have took a picture of my sandwich but i was too hungry! :)

Oh and heres a good laugh. Risa pumping gas!!! :)

Lastly... this has to be the best name for a chinese place... klassy.

So I will end with this. I do not suggest taking a vacation (hell let alone a day trip here. Its BORING.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

You know your pimp juice when...

You get a CADDY on the East Coast. :)

Oh yeah. Thats right we rented a car and got to upgrade for a nominal fee to a Caddy SUV. I have to admit its pretty pimp. My Snookie bump in my hair, and the caddy had me wanting to fist pump and head up to the Jersey shore :)

I loveeeeee the gym here (well minus the 3 channels that work...) yeah about that -- boo. Well its 12:10... i need to get cleaned up, and were going to get up early to see CT!

Fist pumps all around! :)