Monday, January 3, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday!

Okay, I am pumped about this (my first!) Try Something New Tuesday Post!

Jon and I decided to give E-Mealz a try.

Let's just say, so far so good. As some may know, Jon and I did Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University in 2009. It was great for us, just what we needed to put our money where it NEEDED to be. To date, we have paid off over $30k in debt, finished our basement (IN CASH) and paid for two vacations in 2010 (we sacrificed and did not vacation in 2009).

Anyways, Jon found E-Meals through Dave Ramsay a week or so ago, he mentioned it and we thought about it, and Sunday we took the plunge. I was REALLY hoping it would be cool (so I could blog about it here -duh!!) and thankfully I am very happy.

So, here is how it works. For $1.25 a week ($15 billed every 3 months) I get a meal plan, which I can choose Low Fat, Points Plan, Low carb and so on. You can also pick how many people, since its just two of us, we obviously picked 2 people plan, low fat Wal-Mart plan! They say you should expect to spend $35-$45 a week at the store. This week, my meal purchases were only around $14, because we had many items on hand (ground beef, chicken, corn and so forth)however the projected expense was $40 and change.

Last night I made a Cheeseburger Soup - it was pretty good. We had another serving so I had it for lunch today. Tonight was a Mexican Pasta. We will also have an entire serving for each of our lunches tomorrow! Holler!

Anyways, for us trying something new - is proving to be a good thing. I would spend way to much time cruising websites looking for meals, making a grocery list and so on. This is well worth it, and the grocery list is so helpful (to me!) Everyone always talks about how meal planning is the way to save money, well I think this may hit the Jack Pot in the Sally Domestic household.

Check it out - see if its right for you, and your family!



  1. I was just reading about this. How typical are the meals? Are they really odd or well paired?

    I love Dave Ramsey - probably in an unhealthy way, ha! My BA is Accounting and I am obsessed with financial things. I always wanted to be a combination of Martha Stewart and Suze Orman!

  2. They are well paired, IMO! This week (4 days of meals from the holiday)

    Cheeseburger Soup w/ cornbread muffin
    Spinich Feta Chicken/Angel Hair Pasta
    Mexican Macaroni
    Southwest Chicken Salad

  3. They all sound so yummy. I will have to check this out!