Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Challenge...

So, in my reader this morning I saw that The Chic Life has Eat in Month 2011 Challenge. I have been thinking (Yes I think a lot) we should do something like this, but I needed a challenge (What I am in sales - and competitive~) to get me in gear. Well... this is it. :)

I am pretty excited for my Try Something New Tuesday post. I think anyone could benefit from it and it will be great for me to get on this track!

So, if you are like Mr. Sally and I, we eat out way too frequently. Not always the best options as well. While I will miss my weekly Panera lunches, my bank account will not. :) So, check out The Chic Life for more details... but its pretty simple, don't eat out! :)

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love this challenge!

    Giving up Panera Bread?! Your a better woman then me - I crave Panera and Chipotle.

    We are trying to eat out far less too. I made a month long menu that just needs some adjusting. I would post it, but I think people would laugh at how non-diet it looks. Oh, and the savings would be great too!

    Yea, for 2011!

  2. Yes... I <3 Panera. It should be interesting! :) I also go in there weekly for work treats. I am in sales and bring goodies once a week! :)