Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick and Domestic!

So, as the year comes to a close I have been working on organizing. I started with a quick 38 minute (yes I did time it!) project. :)

Meet our entry closet. I found 6 of my dear husbands sweatshirts, hung in there along with out coats. There was also a mix of photography junk (old gear, lens wipes and so on). We also had our mops, steam cleaner, brooms and cleaning items irradically placed. So... here is what I started with.



Really this was a SIMPLE clean up. I also purchased some wall ancors for the broom, mop and stuff to hang. I also got a tote for the Dyson attachments which were previously just stuffed on the top rack:) It was just a matter of doing it. But it got the ball rolling. Yesterday, I went thru my office. It was a papered mess. Not really a mess, quite clean but I went thru an entire drawer which I was able to purge! Recycle Bank Points, ummhmm! I also picked up a new organizer for my bathroom drawer, and thats on the agenda for the weekend. Its going to be an organizing weekend in the Sally Domestic household this weekend.

Before that fun can begin however, Jon and I are shooting our final wedding for 2010. For those of you following, feel free to also follow us on our blog, and become a fan on facebook!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ok, bouncing back to yesterdays post...

Did you meet your resolutions for 2010?

I did, not as greatly as I wanted but I did it. :) What was my goal? To loose weight. If you dont recall, I looked like this (Ick!)week one of starting FAST.

Here I am today (eeer ok Dec 3rd! -- our last day in Mexico!)

I got to thinking about things I want to incorporate into the new year, one being...

Try something new Tuesday.

What's that? Well I was thinking, a new recipe, new workout, new product, a new method of cleaning or crafty project of some sort. Of course I might even surprise you all with something new!

In the spirit of Tuesday, I am going to try something new... recipe wise. I have some rice I need to make up, I am thawing chicken, and have some cheese. So a cheesy rice casserole it is tonight. :)

So, what are your resolutions, and why do you want to accomplish them? I am a firm believer you need to have a reason behind a resolution. We can ALL say, exercise more, so I am healthier. Well... how about, exercise more so I can run a 5k for example. Put a little more behind your resolutions so they stick. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking back..

As I am looking back at 2010, I just say wow. Call me cheesy but I am proud of us. Us, as in Jon and I. :)

We had a VERY successful year, here is a quick recap.

I lost 50 pounds (ok I got a little lax after October..)
We took 2 fabulous vacations, San Francisco in May - Mexico in November.
We shot 21 weddings for awesome clients (on top of many family, senior, engagement and newborn sessions.
We paid off a TON of debt, I predict we will be debt free within 3-4 months (HoLLa!).
We made great decisions to make a secure future. :)

Now... I predict that 2011 is going to be equally as awesome.

I want to:
Loose another 50=75 lb, hopefully by July. This is going to take serious work, and I am ready.
Be more crafty.
Take a few more vacations (including one last hurrah - 5th anniversary) before kids!
Yep - you read that right, KIDS. I can not wait to have kids.

That brings me to a point... Its always bothered me when people ask "When will you have kids, I say... "When I can afford them." I get that side eye, with "You'll never be able to." Well -- youre wrong. We have put ourselves in a pretty good place, so not only will we be able to have kids and afford them, we can live comfortably, as in - feel like taking a family vacation... we can, we can buy toys / baby gear with out being strapped. Now, this is not a point of bragging that we have money, because its not coming out of our ears or growing on trees, but we have made the decision to wait and do it smart. I encourage anyone similiar minded to do the same, and do it when it is right for you. Sadly for us, we need to wait for wedding season to be over in 2011. :) I can not in good concious shoot a wedding after 5 months :) Speaking of weddings, we are thrilled to be shooting Jons cousins wedding in 2012, in PA! Roadtrip! :)

Ok, back to the goals... I also want to be more consistent in being organized. I am, but when life gets chaotic I get lazy.. things get thrown.

I also want to be a better wife. I am so very blessed with a great husband. Not saying I am a bad wife I just know I can improve!

Well --- this is getting a little lengthy - so until next time.

PS - this blog was previously "my healthy mission" its changed a bit to encompass my goals for 2011.. hope you enjoy! <3