Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year! :)

This has been a busy 3 day weekend for us! Last night we shot a wedding ceremony. It was a nice ceremony, in a gorgeous church. I always get stoaked when its a pretty venue, with cool touches. You can check out pictures by clicking HERE.

Last night, after the wedding we rang in NYE with our friends the McCabe's. It was a nice, fun yet low-key evening. We didnt get drunk, however I think my first drink was 75% Captain Morgan 25% Diet Coke ;) I ended up splitting it into a few drinks :) Tyler & Amy made a dinner too!

Today I organized the heck out of my bathroom, going thru my drawers, getting rid of old items and general cleaning. Speaking of cleaning -- Ive been meaning to for quite some time.... drumroll... my makeup brushes. This is something I have been slacking on for a while. :) I also went thru the spare bedroom closet, (now if I could only get rid of my wedding gown). Here is the thing, I love my dress but I am not attached to it, like some people are. Its more of a nuisance because it takes up so much space. Now, here is the hang up, I just dont want to "give it away". (Hence why it hasnt been donated to Mary Magdalene Project). So... I may just list it on Craigslist again) I did a few years back, without success -- ughhh clearly! :)
I also got out linen closet organized and utilized some new totes I bought for storage of seasonal hand towels, and wash cloths - these always seemed to topple over and make a mess previously.

A little more on the domestic front -- haha... :) We ordered a blower for our fireplace. Since its so darn chilly here in good old Nebraska, the fireplace is handly! We use it but it can be spendy (the gas) so the blower will help circlate the heat, so our furnace wont need to work as hard. Holla for this little honey-do project. Expect pictures to come, and I am sure Mr. Sally wont be thrilled -- well tough luck. :-)

Lastly - I am slightly irritated with Louis Vuitton. The hubster bought me a Neverful MM for Christmas, it was HUGGGGGGE, it looked like a diaper bag. Anyways, I returned it, since the Speedy 35 I wanted was out of stock. I looked the next day and it was back in, so we purchased the second bag. No big deal right, wrong.

Well, the customer service person I spoke with the day after he gave it to me (before Christmas) told me they would re-send the future purchase (when in stock) with the same shipping we had on the original order. That was overnight, which he paid $35 and it took 3 days... then on the 2nd purchase the girl said they would "check if they could" and I had to remind her she told me it wouldn't be a problem, lets just say my persistence is a good strength...okay anyways... :) Fast forward, we ordered bag 2 last Monday, and I was expecting a similar turn around. We have yet to receive the shipping info, which was weird. So I called, and was told my bag "should" be here Friday (as in yesterday). NOTHING still no delivery info either. I am annoyed. I pondered calling them today, but really what good is it going to do, not like I can sit home all week and wait for a package (since someone must sign for it). Ugggggh. Good thing I will love the bag, and I have been lusting over it for a very, very long time.

Well, tomorrow is going to be full of church, budgeting and probably some further organizing - i plan to tackle the basement storage rooms. :)


  1. I have the Neverfull GM in Damier and it is like a freaking suitcase. However, I returned the MM to get the GM, because the MM was too small. They really need one right down the middle. Anywho, they managed to charge me for the GM twice during the exchange process and both the GM charges pended on my checking account for 6 days! Retards, clearly.

    You'll have to let me know how you like the 35. I have been going back and forth between a 35 or a Galliera GM in Mono. It will be my 80 pound goal bag - so I have a long time to decide. Ha!

    I really should clean my makeup brushes more often too. My MAC 187 is ... well, really gross.

    I LOVE your photography blog! You are an amazing photographer!

    Sorry for the long post. <3

  2. Oh yay you love the nicer things too! :) He He! I will let you know, when it finally arrives. I am annoyed with it really :)

    Thanks for the photography comment!! :) Its a lot of fun. The funny thing, my pictures on this blog are normally from my "purse cam" or cell phone -- not the best :)

  3. Oh yeah, if you go designer you MUST share! I hope your bag gets to you soon!