Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The downsides of being a planner...

I plan everything. I have always had my "to-do" lists, lofty goals and time lines of when I planned to achieve things.

However, some things you just cant plan and have happen exactly as you want. I have been blessed to achieve the goals I have set, and control my life and surroundings.. So, I am faced with the fear of a speed-bump in my plans and time lines.

So, here is to hoping that cruise control takes over.


  1. You are the ultimate planner! I'm sure you have it all in check and figured out! All we can ever do is pray about it when it's not in our control... It's so hard not to have that darn control!!!

    I just pictured myself saying this to you and I decided you would tell me that it would all work out and be ok!

  2. You're right Sarah. :) I've been doing some research to hopefully help with my issue, the hardest thing is facing the issue that is the set back.

  3. I've never known you not to take an issue head on! Let me know if I can help!!