Monday, January 17, 2011

Slump | Vacation | Prayer

I've been in a slump. Dare I say.. depressed?

Last week was TOUGH at work. I am used to excelling, and things just were not going my way, and yeah... I dont like when things dont exactly.. "go my way." Oh and if you were picturing a hormonal 16 year old stomping off.. there wasnt any of that here. :)

So with work, I was working in a small town, with no support. The office was in a FREEZING cold basement. I dressed accordingly and was still cold. The staff all left at noon, its nice to work solo, but kinda buzz kill when you're freezing and not successful. The week was not fruitful in sales, I sold about 2k, I normally sell 6-7k. Im commission based, get the depression. :)

Around the personal life, I am missing vacation. I have come to realize I NEED something to look forward to, work towards and dream about. So I mentioned planning our 5th anniversary, and told the hubs I would call the travel agent to get the ball rolling. Later that day, I got the prices, resorts and so on. I was reading reviews.. and he was just "oh ok" which really bothered me. I sometimes feel that he doesnt take and interest, and knows I will do the leg work, and he just has to show up and enjoy. Well, I am sick of it. I blew up about it over the weekend, Saturday night to be exact. I told him how I felt, he acknowledged and agreed where I was coming from. Shockingly Sunday he looked at some resorts for a bit and said "Wow, this is hard there is a lot to read and figure out."

Now... before you go thinking were wackos who read a million reviews (okay so maybe we do!?) We just returned 6 weeks ago from an AMAZING trip to Excellence Playa Mujares. It was AMAZING. The rooms were fantastic, entertainment wonderful, drinks yummy and food delish! It was a top of the line resort. I want another top of the line, with lavish accommodations again! So were looking at a few places, but Secrets Maroma Beach is leading the way. Were planning on 8 days and 7 nights, returning just in time for our annual 4th of July bash. :) Are we crazy to go out of the country, and have a party with 25 people THE DAY AFTER WE GET BACK, quite possibly! :)

So, now that I am working towards something to look forward to, I also have a few other trips, next month 2 weeks in Dallas, I will be working with my co-worker, and I will have the chance to visit with one of my good girlfriends (Sheila!). April will be our Sales Conf in Milwaukee, WI - its so nice to recharge and catch up and learn from my co-workers, and May -- AZ! Yeah baby! I will spend 2 weeks there, I get to see Amanda, Janelle, Louisa and Risa! I am so excited! I will also be team selling. Then, June/July the 5th Anniversary trip! Wooo!

If you are wondering how I made today better? Saturday night, at mass the priests homily talked about daily prayer and how it is important. I couldn't agree more. I really do have a "better" day. Not that God is granting me special graces, but it puts ME in a better place, spiritually. This morning, on my way to work I listened to some of the Rosary and the Morning Prayer from Fr. Lewis (btw great "younger" priest here in town) It was a good way to start my day/week off and I am feeling better. So, I suggest, start your day off with a prayer and think positively. I sometimes forget, and I need not to.

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  1. I have those days {that I try not to turn into weeks} where the little things get me down. I couldn't agree more that a little prayer and positive thinking can turn things around!

    You have to think about this, maybe your sales game wasn't off. Maybe those you typically do business with were in a cold basement too and not on their game either. :)

    Sounds like several busy things to look forward to. I have to have something to strive for, look forward to, plan and wish about or else I watch a lot of reality TV. Ha!