Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend, where did you go?

Ahh the weekends. They come so slow, and go so fast.

As I mentioned yesterday... I was on a cleaning mission. I accomplished LOTS and cleaned out the Dyson (something I've been putting off forever). We enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home, and watched Couples Retreat. I thought it was pretty cute. Ive never really been a movie fan, but Jon wanted Netflix for Christmas, so I got that for him along with the BluRay. I am actually kind of enjoying it.

We got up early (bright and early) for an 8 o'clock mass being said at St. Stanislaus for Rose (my mother-in-law) who passed away unexpectedly from a brain annerysm on Thanksgiving day in 2006. It was a nice quiet mass. After mass we all went to Hy-Vee for breakfast. Boo for wasting 595 calories on breakfast (and only getting 2.8g Fiber). Thankfully we made a delish dinner with just 305 calories! Pork Chops, veggies and red potato chunks. Yum!

Im happy to say, I have someone who committed to buy my current DSLR. I am selling the body and a few lenses that I dont use, and I am purchasing an upgraded version (ok say few upgrades) to my current camera. Then in a few weeks Im getting the Canon 7D come payday! HOLLA. :)

On a total different direction, I have had the itch to build lately. I really enjoyed the "building process" when we finished the basement. We know we want to build, and really would like to GC (general contract) again (this is what we did for the basement-- call it a "trial version"). We probably will wait till we have a kid and getting ready for the 2nd... yeah this is a few years out. :)But, in a year or so we need to get the wheels moving since it will take a little longer doing it ourself. Until then... more projects at Casa 20779.
On the agenda:

Sliding Patio doors (we have french now, not a fan).
New Carpet on main level (to match the basement).
New countertops in the kitchen (maybe concrete -- my BIL is doing them at his house -- they are awesome). CLICK HERE to see his home reno blog - PS hes an arcitect and has great ideas!!
Re-do the patio (concrete side)

Ha when were done, maybe I can do a nursery! :) ((Disclaimer! I'm NOT saying anything))

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