Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo Monday! Recipe Review!

As promised! Here are my weekly updates.

Now. Monday's recipe! Jon really liked it, it was a great dinner, and quick and easy to make. I calculated my recipe at about 113 cal, plus 15 for the salad! Not bad.

Today was a good day for me. I got up at 5:55 for an early morning work out. I had a great workout, and I was dripping in sweat. TO me this equivels a GOOD workout. I always have a fear of eating out (especially in OMAHA!) and I have a coworker in from corporate, and well my lunch from home isnt happening.

So, today we went to Taqueria El Ray and it was pretty good. I had a steak burrito. I had about 2/3 of it, and I felt full. The serving was good size, and the burrito was just $4.25. Holler for the dirrrrrty south... umm otherwise known as South O! This establishment is in the old DQ on 24th & Q.

Tomorrow is Tempature Tuesday, so its Runza baby. I heart their nutritional info. :) I am going to enjoy a Runza at just 500 calories (yes I know that is really a lot) but I love me some runnnnnnzas! I plan to have about 1/2 of my fries which will be about 205 more.

Wednesday ?

Thursday ?

Friday ?

So.. thats that, happy Monday!

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