Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catching up!

I finally unloaded pictures off my camera! So, enjoy!

As mentioned in this blog post I recently made the Duggar's laundry detergent. I absolutely LOVE it. I highly suggest using it. My clothes are so soft. I did our bedding today, and from just making the bed, it felt fabulous. We have satin sheets as well... and the feel amazing... scratch fabulous! :) Here are some pictures from the making. I used a "Homer" bucket (5 gallon paint bucket) from The Home Depot.

Main ingredients -- in Omaha, you can find both at Hy-Vee!

I used the magic bullet to "grate" the Fels Naptha soap...

"Cooking the soap!"


Now. Obviously making laundry detergent got us in the "domestic" mood because we painted our bedroom. Something we've been talking about since last summer.. but we were a little painted out after painting the ENTIRE basement (1500sq ft) after we finished it... ps that was 4-5 coats (new drywall including primer...)



Now... I just got my hair done yesterday. I went darker, my hair always fades. But I like it... even though Jon said "so, you'll need to start tanning again" which I already realized a few weeks ago.. umm hello albino.


Lastly --- 2 weeks of photo updates!!

Now, I hope you are in photo heaven! I am in heaven because the housekeeper is here, and now I am off to run out to Rockbrook and look at new cameras and do some retail therapy with my hubby! <3

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