Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's no secret...

That I enjoy cleaning and organizing. Call me crazy.

I've had a productive day cleaning things that the "normal" person may not. :) Jon is heading out to a Creighton basketball game today (Senior day! Holla!) so I will be diving in further. I am in my spring cleaning mode. :)

Today so far, I scrubbed the inside of my washing machine - I would be horribly embarrassed if you had seen it prior to this. :) I am also cleaning windows with my new Basic H (as discussed in this post) and I have to say, I am a fan. :) Jon is currently cleaning the carpets (steam cleaning) using a mixture of Oxy Clean and a few drops of Basic H. I've done some windows with my fav.. newspaper and a basic H mixture. Works like a CHARM. Since Holly (my trusty housekeeper) was here last Saturday and did a deep clean I am left to do the projects that my OCD (ha yes) self doesn't "trust" to others. Yes I am OCD about cleaning - so what.

I also plan to do some organizing, hopefully go thru work papers, and get rid of things (Recycle bank comes Tuesday!) Gotta get those paper points! :) I have had a load of clothes that I have been meaning to take to the shelter since DECEMBER in the T-Reg (my V-Dub SUV) and -- They've got to go. So, my plan is to fill a few more bags of things to donate to those less fortunate. I feel so great when I donate, for a perfectionist getting rid of things is great, but knowing it may somehow help someone else is icing on the cake. It's humbling too - things that I take for granted can mean so much to someone else. So, if you haven't done so lately - PURGE and help others. I encourage you to take the items to a shelter. I prefer taking things to a shelter because I feel they benefit a much more immediate need.

Now, funny story. I am trying to make it a point to make an extra trip to mass, focusing on Stations of the Cross (Friday's during lent). Our church no longer has a Friday evening, and by the time I realized it -- well I was scrambling to find a place. Boystown (which is a beautiful place) has 7pm stations so we went there. Fr. Val said them, and well it was pretty comical when his cell phone went off DURING the 5th station. :) Then at the 6th it went off again (as he was fumbling to get it off) perhaps it was a voice mail. But never the less, it was kind of funny - especially when he said, "man I'm having a hard time and I don't know how to use it" :)

Well, off to do more laundry, organizing and spring cleaning. I am glad to get these things done now, so when spring comes around I can be outside enjoying the weather and work in the yard!

Today's work out plan - strength training.
Happy and Healthy Saturday!


  1. Good for you!

    I love Father Peter. I work at BT and he cracks me up. Did you see him on the news last week- he's banned from Iowa prisons, for swallowing a note he was caught taking out in October.. he's a character :)

  2. Yes.. I did. :) He is, he is so laid back too (clearly!). I love Boystown! Its such a pretty church and a great place all around. That was quite the deal on the Iowa prision thing though... :)