Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free time!

What will I do with the hours I wont be wasting on facebook?!

Here are a few novel ideas!

So I am done with stalkerbook (aka Facebook) until Easter. There are 46 days in Lent (40 if you dont count the Sundays -- but I am not "cheating"). I am kind of looking forward to it, with the exception of my daily chats with Sarah. For those sinners (ha just kidding) Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent, that is when you get the ashes on your forehead. Typically you give something up, just as Jesus gave his life for us. I am midly umm addicted to Facebook, so I figured it was a good thing to do. Hell I needed to. I EVEN TURNED OFF MY NOTIFICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

So, just a laugh for you. Jon has been all about the "soothing sounds" as of late. Apparently Digital Cable has a Hawaii beach scene, which is a sunset with the waves coming in. Guess whos snoring on the couch with two dogs on top of him. This is when I wish my camera was nearby and I could crack on video mode, however it might be the demise of my marriage if it accidentally ended up on YouTube. I better scratch that idea.

Ok - now "Health Related". Today was Fat Tuesday. I am working @ MOQ this week (PS Fun Staff!)... had a potluck to celebrate. They had HOT Krispy Cream and Winchells Donuts. OMG they smelled so good. I really would have LOVED to try a Winchells (Can you believe I've never had one). Lunch was a sandwich ring, cheese dips and my fav... buffalo chicken dip (better known as crack). I had just a little, and veggies. Oh.. and a cupcake from Cupcake Island. Mmm. Yum.

I really havent been hungry lately. Granted I consumed the majority of my calories at lunch, I wasnt all that hungry for dinner.

Well. this.dam.soothing.video... its got me tired. So I am going to PEACE Out.

OMG. Jon just woke up and said "shit" --- did he think he fell asleep in the tub?
<3 J

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