Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

Today, was a good day.

It started out with a good... err scratch that great hair day. :) Come to think of it, I probably should have took a picture.

Work went well... have wifi... (hey thats a big deal in my bizzz!

Went shopping (quick vist to Von Maur) too bad they didnt have the size in the shoes I want... for $95... I am going going to deal with a snug fit :) I bought them anyways, but I am going to return them... since I found the ones I want in the right size online! HOLLER.

I then took a trip down to Whole Paycheck. I really do like Whole Foods. They have the best quality of produce, meats and fish. I got some salmon patties, with spinich and feta. I made them and the awesomely perfect asparagus for dinner. Seriously -- soooooo good. Great dinner.

Now, I consider myself blessed to do what I love. I get such great pleasure in finishing up (and delivering) photos to clients. A few weeks ago, we did photographed a wedding for a girl Jon went to South with. She is such a sweet gal -- it just makes it even better when I have a great client, who is so appreciative. Every so often I get handwritten thank yous, from clients and it means so very much. (I am old school -- and I still believe in a handwritten thank you). We got the nicest thank you's from them, and they just stopped by to pick up the photos.. I love. love. love. shooting weddings... it's just where my passion is.

Well, time to hit up the 30DS. Have a great night... and a fabulous week!

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