Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mr. Picky

Tonight I made Chile Relleno Puff for dinner. You can find the recipe HERE. I modified the recipe and used liquid egg, rather than normal eggs. I also cooked it longer. It probably could have used to cook even longer. I am guessing it was something to do with the liquid egg. Mr. Picky (aka Jon) wasnt as big of a fan, he isnt big on eggs. My brother in law, Bruce was over and he seemed to like it, he said it kind of remembered him of scambled eggs. I liked it, and I am perfectly content eating the left overs, and the best part... I had 1.5 servings for 238 calories. DINNER folks. 238 caloies. Holler.

My friend and co-worker Risa was out in the oh so exciting city of Schulyer this week, and stumbled upon a Shaklee representative. Now, I have heard of Shacklee, however never really knew muhc about it. Risa mentioned the cleaning products are fabulous.. and me being the cleaning fanatic I am excited to try! I got the Basic H -- which I can use to make other mixes.

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