Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In a funk.

You read it. I am in a funk.

I need to get out of it. As I was pondering why, it *just* came to me. I NEED to get back to my to-do lists. Laugh you may... but seriously, I need to make my rental car reservation, and secure a hotel for my upcoming work trip to Norman, OK. I also need to do other work stuff, ugh.

On a good note, I got a new camera today. Number one, of two. For those who didnt know, I had a Sony A200. I sold it on Craigslist, (holla) and bought a Sony A700 I also officially closed my big deal at work... so Canon 7D here I come as well. EEEEEEEEEE!

Now, back to my funk. I have been getting 1600'ish calories a day. I have up to 1700, but I liked staying in the 1300 range. When I come home, I just havent felt like cooking dinner. Yet, I didnt bother to make a meal plan. I can consider this a learning experience. I NEED to PLAN. I also have been suuuuuuuper tired in the morning, actually I think its more of a combo of my out of control cute (and snuggly) dogs keeping me in bed. Damn them. But, come to the evening I just want to veg out. I Need to work out still, I am just in a funk, and I dont want to. But I will.

Oh and Im ending this with...
150 calories = 2 girl scout cookies. They are just as good in moderation. :)

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