Friday, February 26, 2010


So... diet wise. OMG isnt so good. I actually gained .2# however.. I am looking and feeling thinner. I've done a lot of weight lifting lately - so I am hoping this is muscle :)

Now, for the good OMG. Work was fabulous this week. For those of you who arent quite sure what I do. I work for Liturgical Publications, and I sell advertising on church bulletins. My job is a sales job, so I am commissioned. Which can be an amazing thing if you are successful. Thank God I have been so blessed to be successful. I sold over $8k this week, now before you think I am a major balla -- I dont get all of that. :) I also am about to close two huge deals, one $6500 deal, and hopefully a large one to the tune of $23,000!

Now this makes me squeel because this means I get to buy my new camera and flash that I have been lusting over. The Canon 7D and Speedlite!

I am also going to be upgrading my backup camera. Since I have all the Sony equipment, I will be trading that in for a newer Sony. Super stoaked. Eeeee!