Sunday, January 31, 2010


This morning I hit the mall with Sarah and her sweet mom, Linda. We did an hour, and a few laps in I was in pain. Yeah, how sad does that sound. Well I started getting a "dull" but painful pain on the middle of the outside of my right foot, and my heel. Thankfully the heel went away, but I kept feeling the outside, and when I stopped, and got in the car, boy did I feel it. I took my shoe off, and utilized the T-reg's cruise control (and hoped I didnt have stinkly (sweaty) feet! When I got home, I felt like a 92 yr old, and hobbled in. :)

So, while I LOVE the mall walking (umm cheapest trip to the mall... in forever! HOLLER)... I now know that sticking to the elliptical is probably my best bet for now. Now, you worriers out there, I have been to the Foot Doc, about my foot pain. A few years back, I had a hair line fracture which was more on the interior (near my toes) But I am attributing this to my foot being wide. Yes I did buy Asics which are wide width, but apparently I either have a fatty wide, or I am walking funny.

So -- we put our hour in, and we both kind of lost track, but I am thinking maybe 10 for sure, but maybe more like 12 laps. My guesstimation is about 3 miles? I figure this based off the track I walk at (my old middle school HOLLER! and suuuuper close to my casa). 4 times around = mile, and with the mall its about the same, when you include cutting down by Von Maur. So, GO US.

Once I got home, I finally sat down and ordered my supplements (which I have been meaning to do since I ran out in... (embarassment) NoVEMBER. I really like Swanson Vitamins. They have GREAT prices, and quick delivery. If you look online there are normally coupon codes for free shipping. Here is what I ordered:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Fat Burner

Chromium Picolinate


Multi Vitamin Energy Plus For Women


Folic Acid

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf

All of this, including expidited shipping for: $63.29! Some of the items are under their bonus sale, which includes an additional FREE!

Well.. this has gotten a bit wordy. Hey imagine if I had waited until the end of the day to blog... omg... its only 11:30 AM!!!!!!!!

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