Monday, July 12, 2010

Greetings from...

I am in sunny "hot" Texas. All the locals keep going on about how HOT and HUMID it is, but honestly... it's not bad.

This week I am in Waco. Its definitely a "relax after work week". I am staying right around Baylor. Its not that exciting of a city. They do however have the Dr. Pepper museum ( I like DP ) but... it closes at like 4:15... so that will have to wait ;) My hotel is sub-par. I was excited to get some swimming in, but the pools out of service. I hit up the gym, and let me tell ya -- 1982 called and they would like their equipment back. :/

This weekend, I will be in San Antonio, staying at the Riverwalk. I am looking forward to enjoying the area and checking it all out! Any must see's while I am there??

Then, Sunday I will head up to Seguin TX and will be staying at the Mosheim Mansion it has fab reviews and seems like a nice "home away from home".

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