Sunday, April 11, 2010

The new wisdom tooth diet...

Has already dropped me 2 pounds :) I havent really been eating. I did have two bowls of oatmeal before getting my wisdom teeth out yesterday, and a cheese enchilada (cut in a million little pieces last night) in celebration of my FIL's bday.

Speaking of wisdom teeth, it wasnt that bad. While I did look like a chipmunk, I successfuly had 4 teeth pulled and a cavity filled, without being put out, just novacaine here friends. The best part.. I learned that I obviously have FANTASTIC insurance! :) Holler for that, $114 bucks for everything.

Thankfully, I am doing pretty good. Although I am a bit scared to chew, and I am terrified to brush my teeth (yes I know its sick!) but I am scared!!!!! :)

Oh, how could I forget, I lost 5 pounds last week!!! HOLLA!

On the photog front, keeping busy. I just finished up last weekends wedding, the first I shot with the new camera. I Love LOVE LOVE it. Next Ashley's engagement pics!!! Its been pretty busy meeting clients for the upcoming spring weddings, I am going to start the winter weddings "rock the dress" shoots soon, I am stoaked for those!! :)

Well, thats all for now, have a fantastic week!!!


  1. Can't wait to see them!!! :) Congrats on such an awesome week! Minus the teeth pulling of course.

  2. yeah for the 5lbs! YOu gotta love that number! Hope your teeth ( or lack there of) feel better.