Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching up!

Wheeeew! Friday is upon the horizon. :)

Jon started "new hours" this week. It makes things tough. He's working 9-7. God Bless him, hes a hard worker. It throws our "schedule" off though. By the time he gets home its 7:30, and were both hungry by this point, so we have dinner by 8, he relaxes and we get stuff done and it seems like its 9:45. The past few mornings getting up to work out has been hindered by two cute white furry (did I mention cuddly) dogs. :)

On a positive note, per the scale I am down, yay.

We leave for San Francisco in 4 weeks!! YAY I cant wait.

Work is great, I had a STELLAR week. Holler!

I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Saturday morning. My dentist can take them out, so hopefully were smooth sailing. : ) I have my green tea bags ready!!

Well I am going to get some stuff done, and get ready for a work out!

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