Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter is almost here! :)

Why am I so excited? Because I gave up facebook for Easter! :) Yes I was previously mildly addicted. :) It was great. You know the point of giving something up for lent is to give something that is hard to live without. It was, I totally feel disconnected, but it was so good for me. I think I gained a lot (obviously time). But I spent more time with other things. Blogging of course.. too! I learned that I will be able to just spend 30 min a day on there, if that. If I can live without it for 40+ days I can significantly reduce time on there. (Sorry Sarah~) :)

Now, on the health front. I gained two pounds this week. However, I AM ok with that. I could have gained more, had I not been smart in my decisions in CT. (Oh and I am not saying the Canolli was a smart decision). However I could have bought ten of them ;)

The weather has been heavenly. I had the windows open, which resulted in a dusty house. So I spent this morning cleaning. Lovely eeeh.

Speaking of cleaning, our housekeepers son is having a partial heart transplant on Tuesday. Please keep them in your prayers. She called me yesterday to let me know, and ask for prayers. Apparently their insurance is covering the transplant, but wont cover the rehab (seriously thats redic) but they are going to plan a fundraiser soon, so I'll post about that later. I can not immagine going through that. Heck, I am a teensy bit scared for getting my 4 wisdom teeth pulled next Saturday. Eeek. :)
My dentist said he can do them himself, so it will save a ton of money. Holler for that. $200'ish compared to $800 or more. Yeah. Oh and I am getting a cavity filled at the same time. God bless me. :)

Its the busy season for photography. I had a senior session yesterday, of course the 2 hrs we shot it rained. When we finished and I was heading home the sun came out. SERIOUS!? Ugh. Thankfully there is always the passageway, and awnings in the Old Market. Tonight we have a wedding at Legacy Hall. It's one of Jon's co-workers. Then we get a 2 week break and its a few back to back weekends of weddings.

THEN... VACATION!!!!!!!! We are heading to San Francisco Thursday the 6th of May thru Tuesday the 11th. We booked the airfare last night, so now its to determine lodging. Were trying to debate on staying in San Fran the entire time, or stay there Thurs-Sun nights, and Monday morning head to Napa (wine country) and then head back Tuesday and then fly out. Any suggestions?

So far on my to see list in San Fran:


Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square

China Town

Lombard Street, Cable Cars, Golden Gate Bridge!

There is so much to see and do! I am excited, its been a while since we've been on vacation, so it will be nice to get away!!


  1. While at Ghirardelli, dont forget to get yourself a small treat:)

  2. Thanks Sarah!

    Juliana, I am def going to "save calories" that day!! :) mmm!