Sunday, March 28, 2010

A day trip in CT...

So... Connecticut is boring.

I started the day bright and early, with a 5am workout, when I finished working out @ midnight for my Saturday workout. Risa and I started the day with coffee and breakfast around 8:45 at Dunkin Donuts.

I started with a "Lite Latte" pretty good and only 80 calories. I'd suggest it if you want a coffee and dont want to kill your calories for the day. I also had a Egg and cheese "wrap" it was good too, and 180 calories!

After we headed south towards the coast.. however we were quickly diverted when looking for a shopping center (which turned out to be more like a Bed Bath and Beyond)... :( HOWEVER... we stumble upon an amazing slize of heaven. Chimirris Pastry Shop

Seriously this place was your true authentic Itallian place. OMG. I got a Ricotta Cannoli. WOW.... I was soooo tempted to stop on the way back ;)

I also got a lace cookie and almond biscotti, however I havent tried them yet. :) This place also ships anywhere in the US. Hmm... weekly cookie orders for churches... I WISH :)

Now... after this we drove.. and drove.. while taking pictures :)

Ok... now we finally made it to something remotely exciting!!!!

THE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

a href="">

After the beach we went to the Clinton outlets for some retail therapy.

So... after this its about 2 and were getting hungry. Sounds easy enough to get food. right? NO. Everything was closed or totally sketchy. So about 3:30 we found lunch at this hole in the wall Second Pouquonck Grinder (aka sandwich shop!).

I would have took a picture of my sandwich but i was too hungry! :)

Oh and heres a good laugh. Risa pumping gas!!! :)

Lastly... this has to be the best name for a chinese place... klassy.

So I will end with this. I do not suggest taking a vacation (hell let alone a day trip here. Its BORING.

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