Saturday, June 12, 2010

I know...

Its been awhile. I am sure the 13 followers have been hanging on the edge of their seat in suspense. :0) ha...

Well, I have NOT fell off the healthy wagon. There have been some ugh weeks, like last week when I GAINED a pound. But hey... we will all encounter those sometime or another.

I am truely in the heat of my busy season for my business literally booked solid until OCTOBER baby! We are so blessed. Work (day job!) has also been keeping me busy. On top of that, doing my best to help out with my Grandpa. April 22nd we thought his days were numbered, and he's hanging in and being the spunky pistol we know. So moral of this story. I always used to say, I dont have time to be healthy. FOOLS you do. If I can do it, with working full time, and owning a business, and keeping busy with LIFE, anyone can. Its a matter of how important your health is, and its at the top of the list. If you arent healthy you cant enjoy the rest to follow. Now, I am not saying I am perfect, and that my calories are exact daily... and there have been some days I havent exercised (as I should) but I am not perfect. :) Hard to believe huh. ;) Wink Wink.

Now - since January I have lost 43.4 pounds, I need to kick it into high gear, and devote more time to working out. :)

On other news, my garden, which will provide LOTS of veggies is looking STELLAR!

I am quite proud of it. :)

We've been busy working hard on the house, making it look pretty! Im pretty pumped, we are going to tear out our crappy concrete patio, and bring the patio pavers over for a patio in unison. Jon's cousin BJ (who is a firefighter) used to do Landscaping and he is the person who helped us put the patio in (phase I). In August, we'll have it all complete!

So here is what were ripping out...

Oh... and before you think were doing this on estetics... were not. It looks like an earthquake came thru, obviously the builder didnt do it correctly.

The patio will look like this:

Lastly -- soon. By the 4th of July ;) (((since I have a week off of work and NOOOOOO PHOTOS!!!))) I will be posting a review of San Francisco. I also want to do a beauty review of products I use! :)

With that said... here are some pics from San Francisco to tide you over. :)

Jon and I at Pier 39 - I think this is right after he got his Salt Water Taffy. :)

Me, after Wine Tasting in Napa Valley for 8+ hours. PS... Sutter Home was my fav.. and its the most commercial - not what I was expecting. :)

You cant go to the Golden Gate Bridge (heck let alone San Fran) w/o a picture with the bridge behind you!

Lucky us, it POURED while we were there. This is right before it started the hour long torrential downpour.

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  1. Way to go with keeping healthy. It'll work out in the end, you're just super busy :-)