Wednesday, March 24, 2010


But I've been "breaking" the TD rule on weighing this week. Let me say its MOTIVATING. I am now down 25.8 total. As you may all recall my GOAL was to loose 30lb by this weekend. So I have been working hard the past week. I think I am going to be close, and maybe do it!!

I just got back from a nice brisk walk with the pups. Oh how they loved being outside again. It was cute because Lola walks (errr I mean prances) and always keeps her head up looking around. Lucy (aka sled dog)keeps her head down and a low profile. Its quite cute. :) It looks like she is constantly sniffing for food. Hell who am I kidding, she probably is. :)

I leave for CT on Saturday morning, and I have some things to prepare for. I am a presenter so I need to polish what I am going to say (I know it but... I am a perfectionist) :)I also want to go pick up a new shirt or two... since mine are all getting too big -- HOLLER!

Well thats all for tonight. Happy healthy week to all!


  1. are you ready for some East Coast action?

  2. Yes! I posted on the nest for suggestions! :)