Monday, March 8, 2010

What... I'm a cop?

So today was an interesting day...

You're probably wondering WTF "What I am a cop means" well... look at this photo.

Go ahead, make it large. Laugh your tail off. It's ok.

I took the Touareg in to get something replaced at the dealership, and they had a car for me. I go outside with the rental guy from Enterprise (which PS WTF.. my HUSBAND is the dealerships IT Manager why didnt I get a car off the used lot?) Ok, I digress... and he points to a WHITE Grand Marquis (aka Crown Vic -- or a cop car). So the best part is, my co-worker and I are working together this week... well I told her I'd pick her up since she lives a few min from the dealership. So... we just start laughing -- like ha its a joke right?

No. No joke my friends.

So, I get in, its got the old school gear shifter on the steering wheel, a trunk that went on for days.. and a rather geratiric smell. So... we hop on the interstate to head to work... and really we looked like we stole our grandparents car. Oh and PS it had Illinois plates. So we were on a cross country trip too :) Its a BOAT to park... of course I couldnt paralelle park... in front of the office... so I had to park in the parking lot and hoof it. (Oh well).

So, we just kept laughin about being in our undercover cop car. Oh and I kept making WOoooWOoooOOO sounds (Think police siren). It was all fun and games until Performance called to say they had to keep my beloved T-Reg over night.

NO. I can not drive this rig another day. Now, I am not a divalicious girl. Really but come on. I DO not look like a should be in this car. I'd rather be rollin' in a hooptie. Oh well I just needed air suspension and some spinners and I could have been... haha.

So on my way home I was just annoyed. I was saying things like "move over I'm an under cover cop" and "I'm ridin' dirty" I was just so annoyed I cant even remember half of them. You might ask why one would be annoyed... umm... a dude was on the interstate (after he probably slowed down thinking it was a cop!) and he looks over at us and just chuckled... NICE... :) I did however get to switch cars out at Enterprise and I am now driving a Ford Escape... which is a bagillion times better.

I hope you all enjoyed the photo, in seeing it now it's comical. :)

I just cant get Chamillionare's song out of my head... (well certain lyrics)

They see me rollin'
They hatin patrollin and tryna catch me ridin dirty

It's a full clip and my pistolla, send a jacker into a coma
Girl you ain't know I'm crazy like Krayzie Bone

Ride clean as hell,
Laws on patrol and you know they hate me (Know ya hate me)
Music turned up all the way to the maximum
I got speakers, some niggaz tryna jack for some
But we packin somethin and what we have for um

Ok... well I will be back tomorrow.. with something healthy. :)


  1. Yeah. Pretty good too. I was undercover at 33rd & California too haha. CALI Taco - went there for the first time today!

  2. CALI Taco... you should have gave them a scare and told them you were underage and they just got busted!