Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the road again...

Well I am in Denver, on a layover for a few hours! I am excited to get home to Jon and the dogs!

I had a nice flight, and highly productive at that. It was pretty empty, so I had the whole row to myself, and I was able to spread out and get work done. I have everything done, that I can for tomorrow, until I make some additional follow up calls. So holler for that.

Thankfully the housekeeper is coming, since I am sure Jon (or I mean the dogs) have left a mess.

On a side note, this brat in front of me keeps swinging his belt (think rubber suspender style). Its nearly hit my laptop a few times, and I am just waiting for it to fling back and hit me. I hate bratty kids.

Ok diverting back to my post.. :) This weekend, will be busy getting things done around the house, playing with the new camera. Easter pictures for our Godson and his brother Kyson, and relaxing.. till I fly out again the next Saturday (next stop east coast in CT).

Now.. I am kind of nervous for my weigh in in the morning. While I did work out daily, I dont "feel" like I lost, and I just had Pizza... ugh. Wish me luck! Well signing off from DIA!

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