Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MyPhatty Heaven

Yeah. They have Chick Fil A here. Actually MANY Chick Fil A's.

I love me some Chick Fil A. Perhaps it is because we dont have them in Omaha? I mean it was good (not to rub it in). The sandwhich (chicken was good but for some reason I remember it tasting better) maybe the calories I knew I was taking in hindered the taste. Now the waffle fries and Chick Fil A sauce omg yummo.

Now, I am back, going to hit the pathetic gym here. Last night when I worked out, I was driven half nuts. The girl on the treadmill kept coughing, it was rather annoying. Oh and she was watching some show on the history channel about some animals being cut up - sick. Needless to say I stomached my 30 min.

I am waiting for my dinner to settle and Im going to head down, and HOPE like hell shes not there again. I did enjoy the recumbent bike however. I WISH they had free weights I miss mine.. :( I have the option of going to the YMCA here, as part of my hotels thing, but I really dont want to GO. Its nice to just stay here. I have been running the stairs a few times too.

Well.. maybe I will get a photo of the gym so you can all see it's patheticness. Residence Inn Marriott - you can do better. :)

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