Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am in Oklahoma!

In avoiding temptation (fatty quick food) I booked a Residence Inn, which has a little kitchen area! I ran to Wal-Mart to pick up some lunches/dinners. Now... I am a Husker fan so obviously I held off on staying at the Sooner Inn... but I wont avoid the sooner gear (even if this week is Spring Break!). So.. the WalMart in Norman (home of the OU campus) has a SOONER STORE...

Don't believe me?? Look...

Oh and PS... why don't the Nebraska Wally Worlds rep a Husker store?? Ohh... that's right we don't wear HUSKER gear ALL.THE.TIME. Seriously it looks like game day here folks.

Oh.. and I am driving a Toyota... my mom was instantly worried. But heck of a lot better than the crapbolt (Colbalt). I am not a fan of those. The trunk is barely enough to squeeze a suitcase in!

Well hope you enjoyed the photo (I was in stealth mode). Holding my phone as if I was talking on it... haha... I am so excited to see my great friend Caitlin.. my old prank calling partner in crime Monday night! Were meeting halfway in Stillwater!! CANT Wait!!


  1. Ha - Enterprise gave me a Cobalt when my car was in the shop a few weeks ago. Awful, awful car. :)

    Have fun in OK!