Saturday, March 6, 2010

Down 5!

I had an awesome week! I lost 5 lbs! That puts me at 18.8 total. YAY! I still have a long ways to go, but I am making great progress. I have a work trip coming up March 27th. It's been my goal from the get go to have lost 30 lb for that trip. That's three weeks away, and I think I can easilly do it. That's 11.2 in three weeks, which is totally attainable. SO yay!

This week I am going to hit it hard in the work out area. I realize this is an area I can work harder in. So I am planning to incorporate some new variety in this week. Probably 3 days on the elliptical with weights, 2 days on 30DS and 2 days of other work outs. I am a big fan of FIT Tv OnDemand. Love it.

Well, I have a laid back weekend planned! YAY! Probably going to do some cleaning and maybe errands -- exciting huh! :) Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Dont forget to vote for Lucy!!!

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