Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you a DINK?

What is a DINK you ask? (Don't be ashamed.. I had no idea).

Double Income No Kids. Yes I am, and I am content (for now). A few weeks ago Jon's new co-worker referred to him as a DINK, and Jon was like huh? Apparently this co-worker has a a love hate for us. (He also think's we must be millionares) oh and he think's were "ballin" since we bought a new Passat (I wish you could have heard me laughing!)

On the diet front, I gained a pound, but now I am back down (since I cheated and weighed myself). For 20.8 total. I had a chat with TD, and he lowered my calories to 1500 (from 1700). Now up until last week, I had'nt maxed out (with an exception 1 or 2 times). Since Friday I've been staying under 1150 daily so thats good :) Workouts are more enjoyable since the weather is finally turning around.

Lucy and Lo are cute as ever (as they always are when I have been out of town!)

Work is FANTASTIC. I am #2 in the country players! This is HUGE. Normally it takes a few years to get to that - so I am quite proud. :) Speaking of, anyone want to buy an ad. ;)

On a personal note, from the success of work, in the past I made some poor decisions to use credit cards/debt. Now, I have always always always paid perfectly, however I had debt. To the tune of 20k. I am now down to 4k, which should be paid off in the next month or two!! :) All since last January. We do have 2 car loans, on 0% so we plan to keep chunking $ to 401 k's, mortgage ect. Until were no longer DINK's :)

Well, I had better get prepped for my "video" that I need to tape for our sales conference. It should be interesting.. :)

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  1. Our friends refer to us at TINKs (TWO Incomes, No Kids). I think that sounds cuter than DINK. Feel free to use it as your label.