Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can you hear me squeeling?!?!

Yeah, it was a good day! :)

I have been consumed this week. Haha... as details ;)

I have had an exceptional sales week. I also have a handle on tomorrow too. I am pretty amped. Healthy wise. I had 1024 calories, got all my water in, and was perfect on protien! I got a work out in, got love the elliptical.

Now, Friday I am excited for. It's my first weigh in, I really "feel" like I have lost. I am anxious to find out. I havent cheated..!

Ok -- well I have an early Friday morning! My weigh in is 6:30-7:50, which means I need to be up and at it. I would like to work out before, but I KNOW that just isnt happening. Well who knows, maybe a miracle would happen but... I am not counting on it!

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