Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where do I buy time?

Please let me know, I would be happy to pay a mint fee. :)

I think this is why I am a phatty. No joke. I would eat quick fast food meals, or go out. Crazy as it sounds, my stomach does feel "looser". I feel better too.

So Jon found a cool app on his droid, so he is tracking now too! Kinda neato.

Today was interesting for me. I had a networking luncheon, which was my very first (ever!) and I was HOPING they'd have a healthy option. Thankfully they did, salad, cooked broccoli, and sliced beef. Now, I didnt have my scale, and I didnt ask (or shall I say demand) the calorie content --- but I made a good educated selection on the ounces I took.

Thats one thing I need to check with TD on, lets face it I am balsy... but not that ballsy.

Ok. Well ending on a good day. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better. :)


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