Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I need about 3 more hours in the day, hell I'd be thrilled with ONE.

It's 10:47, as I type. I just finished editing photos for a client, I have to hit the elliptical (just to get back at it in the morning... errr 6am. Ugh.)

I have so much going on, and so much I want and need to accomplish. I am frusterated because I AM busy. Making a healthy lunch dinner ect and counting the calories is easy, because it takes just a few minutes here and there.

Sarah mentioned that she hit the mall on her lunch hour. What a novel idea, I might do this when I can get near one on my lunch. I normally work thru my lunch being the workaholic I am. Seriously --- admitting I am a workaholic isnt easy.

Well. Thats enough I NEED to hit the gym.

Oh on a positive note, I was at 1300 calories and like 30g of fiber and 8 glasses of water today. yeah... something is going right atleast.

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  1. It's hard work, that's no doubt. But just think of how you will feel when you hit your pillow KNOWING you made a difference for yourself with a little exercise! You can do it, Jessi! We can encourage each other! <3