Saturday, January 23, 2010


My good friend Sarah told me about the FAST Diet. The funny thing it isnt really a diet, its healthy living. Anyways, Thursday evening was the first meeting, more of an informational meeting, what to do and what have you. Yesterday was the first day of "tracking" and let me tell you, its SCARY! Scary but good.

Yesterday was insane for me. I had two photosessions, had some work to get in as well. I started my morning with a bowl of Oatmeal, ps I learned not to microwave for 2 min, the package said 1-2 min and I now know 1:30 is perfect. :) Anyways 1/4 of it bubbled over.

Come 5:15, I got home and I sat down and realized I was starving! Now I didnt want to stay in, I felt like going out so the mission was to find somewhere healthy but not a salad (I had those for lunch this week!) So I found a great meal option at Olive Garden, and they had a 55 min wait. I was hungry! So we decided to do Mimi's -- I had found some decent options there too. So, by the time I got everything tallied up... the dinner was 1040 calories. Sounds nuts huh. Thankfully, I had just had oatmeal for breakfast! So, here is how it broke down -- 1/2 turkey sandwich 336 calories. Salad w/ no fat basalmic vinergarette 173 calories, the rest is the 1/2 of a roll and 1/2 carrot bread w/ 3 tsp butter, and pineapple! CRAZY.

So lesson of today -- look at your calories. You will learn a lot.

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