Sunday, May 27, 2012

Liquid fun and friends at 28.

I've always been blessed with a handful of great girlfriends. I have also always been able to mingle with friends/acquaintances and be the life of the party. One of my friends, well she gives me a run for my money on that - so when we do hang out - (Which Ashley is NOT often enough) its fun.
Last night, was no exception! :) My night started off with Amanda, drinks and dinner at Joes Crabshack, which recently opened in the big O, I adore the Cherry Limeaid drinks there. YUM. It was a fun vibe, I mean the Cha Cha Slide... yeah! :)
Following, we needed some retail therapy and hit up the Chanel counter for makeup and lipstick. I mean those lips gotta always be POPPIN! (Sidetracking, but I have been meaning to do my makeup post) Perhaps this weekend when I decide to unearth from yesterdays fun! :) Ok So anyways -- back to the mall. So Amanda and I were walking to Von Maur, and I spotted 2-3 inches of NASTY chocolate ass. This girl really must have thought her ass was hot, and clearly much smaller than it was. But dear freaking god. It was not. She was wearing a stretchy short skirt and it was NOT pretty. Being the ballsy girl I am, I wanted to snap a pic, but the crew she was with looked hood. Amanda and I are pretty BA and can hold our own, but shit - I cant compete with hooood. So, moving on, after shopping (well lets be honest, we only stopped because the mall was closing!) we headed up to Ice House. The first few drinks there, we had some nice views, hot dudes. Yes sir. We started with a Chuck Norris Shot. Yes yum. We all rolled with the same drinks last night, other than some sugar fest Ashley ordered (it was like a sweetart)... Vodka and Cranberry was the drink. It is amazing, stick to one drink and you are good to go the next morning... no headache! So, once the menus left (the good looking men!) we bailed and went up to Loose Moose - lots of fun, but the live band was waaaaaaaaaaaaay loud. :) We drank for a few hours for $14, freaking awesome!!!! :)
Sally Domestic was happy, I love a good deal. :) The last stop, the Phoenix, did not apparently have enough hot guys, for the two single girls so it was time for me to call it a night, since the next bar was on the other side of town, yep - hence the 28 in the title of this post. Why - when you get older you drink close to home. Back in the day, downtown, Old Market were so much fun. Not that they aren't now, but seriously a 25-30 min commute is lame.o. Now, I always aim to please. I am a pleaser. I like to make people happy. I make dreams come true. Now - this is a two fold thing here. She is wearing my rock, it is a rock. I am not going to lie. Yes, I picked my (wedding) ring, if you're spending the money, do it right girls. SO that was dream uno. Dream dos, was me not wearing a wedding ring - I am not saying this is my dream, but perhaps Jon's and maybe an ex boyfriend (or two) :)
Speaking of exes, typically a reason they are exes. :) But one of them is still my best friend - love that dude. I hope he finds a fly girl who deserves him soon :) Here are the girls and I at Loose Moose!
A sure sign I am having a good time, drink in my hand, deuces and double chin.. OY.
Chanel lipgloss. <3 The sweet boy at the counter convinced me to buy the bright pink a month ago, and I LOVE it. :)
Amanda and I we roll classy. She rolls a Lincoln, I roll a Mercedes (well when I drive the hubs which is now almost always), we both work hard, we both love our Louies. I love that she also needs a chair for her purse. She makes me feel at home :) Ha!
Yours truely - after partyrockin' home sweet home!

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