Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm back!

Well it's been a while, but I am back. I know that some people have been checking their google readers in anticipation of a blog post from me, from the edge of their seats. :) Ok, I am totally kidding. As per usual, life has been busy! We have slowed down on weddings, just 10 as compared to the 26 we did last year. Speaking of weddings, just finished the first two weddings of 2012, and I got the best message from one of my clients (via text and facebook) and it made all of the hours, and effort so WORTH it. I am really blessed to work with my husband on photos, we really do make an amazing team, but also fantastic clients. Work is well, I was promoted in January. I love my new role, I thrive on helping and developing others. :) I cant wait to see where the new role takes me. Life - well I am living it, loving it and I am living without thinking. You know, its funny how in just one moment and one thing starts to shape and change your life. I have always been a live wildly, freely and fun, but someone reminded me to live without regrets and not look back. I am greatful for that, because I needed that little reminder because sometimes I am reserved (I know... sounds funny huh). Speaking of living wild... after a bottle of wine last night - I propsed the idea of a white trash party next weekend. Yes. Classy. You think I need a photo of me in white trash garb with my 2 carat wedding ring and Louis Vuitton... ahhh oxy moron! Well, I am going to leave this post with a few photos from party rockin' May 12th!

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