Saturday, February 19, 2011


So, life has been... umm busy.

I've been keeping busy with work (still waiting on round II of interviews for a promotion - fingers crossed!!)

I leave for a two week assignment in Plano, TX on Monday. I am looking forward to it, as its a good church in a very nice area (Jerry Jones' hood!)

Photography, a few sessions this week, maternity!! Babies soon to follow!

I had the pleasure of having lunch with a great great gal pal. She is going thru some uber exciting changes, and I am so genuinely happy for her! You know who you are! Eeeek!

Today has been a lazy day, I cleaned, weve been working on getting the business taxes in order, were meeting with Amanda (our accountant tomorrow). We have YET to start our personal taxes, but those should be pretty easy peasy.

Oh and backtracking.. the hubster is bored with his car. Which might I add, we bought (yes bought FML) last March. It's a 2010 VW Passat. It's just too daddy'ish for him. So, beings that he works at a car dealer he sees all these fun cool cars (so I totally get it). Anyways, he wants a Mercedes C 300 Sport. I cant say I dont, because afterall, that was my first car I bought on my own. :) STUNNNA baby.

So, Thursday eve we went and test drove the car, they appraised our car, and were $3700 in the hole. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Keep in mind, we have 0% financing. Ugh. So, the lease special would be around $420 a month, went to $517. Ugh. Damn car. I am annoyed because I will "eat" some of the loss, but darnit Jon is kinda a big deal, cant they take a little loss... I mean do they want to piss off the IT guy, who can shut their internet/email and so on off in a heartbeat ;) HAHA. I know Jon is a little annoyed too, especially since the response time today from the VW store was well.. yeah nothing. Anyways... so I told Jon if its meant to be, it will be but I feel bad because I know he wants a new car thats "cool".

So... thats the update of my exciting... err boring life!

I will update next from DALLAS~ Any suggestions for things to see/do while I am in the Dallas (PLANO) area?

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