Saturday, February 5, 2011

Writing this post, made things click. Workout & Motivation

I've been in a slump lately.

This week was pretty brutal for me (on the work front). I was working at Our Lady of Guadalupe. They didnt communicate that I'd be there... and working with clients was miserable. With the snow, I spent most of the days negotiating with kids! Ahhh.

Thankfully, its Saturday and a new week is upon us! Speaking of work, I applied for a "promotion" to be a sales coach. I'd be responsible for traning new employees, and follow up training with existing employees in need of a little attention. Its right up my alley. There would be some travel, so things in our personal life may be put on hold (delay) if I was the selected canidate. I have a phone interview on Tuesday (my corp office is in Milwaukee) so this is phase one, and sometimes the way they hire in general (for existing employees). So, if its meant to be... it will be.

Ive really been "down" lately. I cant put my finger on it - other than maybe the weather?? I think work has been stressing me lately, and that has added to it. Photography is in its slow season, maybe I am missing that?

Working out - Ive been slacking here (from above) duh, this is why I am down. Ive been pondering joining Urban Active with Sarah, but I do have a NICE in home gym, and lots of workout DVDS. I just lack motivation.

Speaking of motivation, I keep thinking that I need to "give up" using facebook, tv shows ect until i have worked out for the day. I just need to pull the trigger... :)

What do you do to keep motivated? Im very schedule and planning oriented, and as I am typing this I am realizing that is what I am missing. Wow - again this is why I blog.

On a non-debbie-downer topic... Jon and I will be babysitting our gorgeous little niece tonight, I am SOOOOO excited. This is our first time, she is a month and a half now! Yay.


  1. I with you on lack of motivation.

    When I finished blogging about my calories for the week I realized that my off schedule is partially to blame. I function so well with a schedule and when my schedule gets messed up I am just blah and all over the place.

    I am going to have to get it together and get back on track. Easier said then done, right?