Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life = Busy.

So... wedding season has begun. What does this mean? Weekends are few and far between for us till November! Were booked about every weekend until then. :-)

Life has been busy, lots of newborn, maternity and family photography sessions lately.

Works been busy, I am still recovering from the busy-ness of Plano (not that I am complaining!) I head to Milwaukee for a 2 1/2 day confrence next Sunday night. :) Its been busy with everyone wanting to get in for the easter deadline. Speaking of which I need to prep for this week (ugh!).

I gave up facebook for Lent. I am not on the computer much now, which is kinda nice (heh unless I am working or editing) Thats still 10+ hours a day (most days -- BOO).

Well.. I promise I wont wait nearly 2 months to post again. :)

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