Monday, June 4, 2012

Why hello caffeine!

Caffeine is fo sho my friend today! Ironically, I am up and at it... Happy Monday!

This weekend was non-stop, busy and lots of fun! At times, I was reminded that I am 28, and not 21 (again...) but it's sure fun to pretend I am sometimes! Here are some photos from Jill's batchelorette party!!!

The bride and I! Earlier in the eve!

My hairstylist (and Jill's cousin!) and I!

Out on the dancefloor at Loose Moose - taking it back - to Chaka Khan! :)

What you don't backcomb and tease your hair (or have someone do it for you!) ha :) Oh and yes, I am fully aware how "attractive" I do not look here!

Most of the group and the party bus :)

Last picture at closing time... yup... out till 3:30 am, and rocked a photo session at 9:30 the next morning - put together too! :)

Have a great week :)

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