Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hostess with the Mostess

You could say I like to entertain. I love creativity, and I love people. Naturally I enjoy hosting parties and get togethers.

I love everything about it, from custom invitations, or coordinating accents with meaning. Of course Pinterest has absolutely fueled my creative spark on party planning and being "the hostess with the mostess" (shoot who am I kidding, for a while I was "pinning" while working) (I multi-task) I am on the phone,

Anyways, my cousin Jill's shower was today. Jill had asked me to be one of her MOH's (Maid of Honor) (however, since Jon put a ring on it, I am really a Matron of Honor). Carry on... she also asked me to photograph the wedding. Clearly that's not going to work, and I was not going to dump all of that on Jon. So I respectfully declined the MOH duties, but still held the shower for her. Ironically, I was super duper stressed. I do not get stressed over party planning, hosting nada. We had some last min RSVP's which required some changes, so that threw me... and I was feeling ill prepared :)

Fast forward to today - everything turned our beautiful. My vision became reality, Jill loved it, ( I mean it was purple, and she loves all things purple ) so I had a pretty good shot anyways... :) The food (uh yeah my chicken salad was good!) and punch was the perfect pink love potion! :) Now, you'd think that me being a photographer (and ALWAYS documenting photos) would have taken a photo. Nope. I have nothing of everything set up. Super bummed about that. I did grab a cell phone picture of the cake, and we did take a group photo after the shower (thanks to the hubs!). Speaking of -- I know I have a great husband, but I really was reminded of that today. He knew how stressed I was, and he took the ball and went with it. :) He even found the decorative marbles we used at our wedding (centerpieces) and put those out on the tables to decorate them, ahh. Say it with me now "Awwww".

All in all, great day. Jon and I power cleaned up after the fact, the rental items are in my car and ready to go back Monday, dishes in the dishwasher, have another load to go.. and just relaxing until I head out for Jill's Batchelorette party... I see Red Bull and Vodka's in my future tonight. :)


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